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A time may come in life where you are short on money, and want to be able to make a small amount on the side to put towards a weekend break or a meal out. If you already work a full-time job, you will struggle to take up another one on the side. Yet this doesn’t mean your hopes of making money should be dashed. You will have heard of some ways to help your cash go further, but these are often dull, and won’t result in much change in your financial situation. Luckily, there are a few ideas you can follow which can help you wind down and make some money at the same time.


Make and sell crafts


If you enjoy indulging in new hobbies, then it’s a great idea to put your creativity to the test by making your own crafts. Knitting, jewellery making, and soap-making are all popular pastimes that people can enjoy at a small cost. What makes them even more worthwhile is that if you sell them online, you can make a small profit. Using sites like Etsy are the best way for you to market your product to people, especially if it fulfils a unique niche.


Sell unwanted belongings


It could be that you are not someone who is into crafts, or it could be that you don’t have the time to put into it. Either way, it doesn’t mean you can’t use online vendors to make money. In fact, giants like eBay are still popular ways for people to sell any unwanted items online. If you have vintage clothes or old computer parts, these are usually a guaranteed sale if you follow the right guidelines.


Play online betting games


Selling online can sometimes mean you spend time uploading and taking pictures of your product for possible buyers. Often, it can still result in no sale. Online games where you can spend your free time having fun but also where you can win extra cash are an easy way of making money when you know how. Sites like are dedicated to helping people win with a set of simple, foolproof tips.


Complete surveys


If you ever have a spare few minutes, you can always find surveys online to complete. They usually take about five minutes, and can pay you with vouchers or cash when you complete a certain amount. There are lots of sites to be wary of, but there are some trusted ones which offer the best rates for the time you put into completing each survey.


Participate in market research


Surveys can be both fun and beneficial to your wallet, but if you want instant cash in hand, then having market research groups to attend every few months are a better choice. These are where you can taste prototypes of products like snacks or drinks, but where some groups will also value your political opinion. Lots of them are held locally, so it’s best to ask around to find the best ones for you.

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