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Every now and then, the boss needs to put their hand into their pocket and treat their hardworking employees to a day out. After all, doing so promotes a positive vibe and shows the colleagues that they are appreciated and everything they do on a daily basis.


But what kind of day out can you plan for your team if you are in charge? Research shows that the great outdoors is a perfect option, and below are four outdoor activities that are challenging and rewarding, and therefore ideal for team bonding:


Charity Run


With a charity run set out in the great outdoors, you can kill a number of birds with one stone: You can get fit, try and beat your colleagues, and raise money for charity at the same time. A charity run is fun, hard work and great for team bonding as you will truly feel a sense of achievement at the end.


Survival Academy


With the likes of Bear Grylls showing us what it takes to live in a rainforest, a desert or a war zone, it’s easy to sit back in your armchair and say ‘I could do that.’ With the likes of the Survival Academy, you and your colleagues can put your team bonding and fitness on the line and take part in outdoor challenges that will test you to the limits of your endurance. They are built especially around the kind of challenges you want to face, so expect to be climbing, running and swinging your way through a course of ropes and nets before the day is over.




Airsoft is a competitive team sport similar to paintball in that you get together in your teams and hunt down your competitors in a combat simulated environment, taking them out with incredibly realistic Airsoft replica guns. You work together to take the opposing team’s flag, shooting them down in the process.


Airsoft venues allow you to bring your own gear, from the boots you wear to the weapons you use. If this isn’t a cool reason for your work colleagues to go the extra mile and purchase some top class weapons and combat clothing, what is? Check out for an amazing supply of weapons and gear. There are AK47 and pistol replicas that look fresh out of a war movie and will look amazing when you have a group photo at the end of the day when you’re battered and bruised but beaming from ear to ear.


Treasure Hunt


These are extremely popular with companies who are seeking to improve team bonding because you are forced to spend an entire day together, working hard to solve individual tasks that will lead to you finding the treasure at the end. You have to put your brains together and solve cryptic and interactive tasks designed for different locations, including the great outdoors. These can be especially tough if the weather doesn’t hold up, and test those work relationships to the max.


The route of your treasure hunt is mapped out via GPS, and each group is armed with an iPad that has all the tasks built in. Once you get started, that competitive edge will kick in, but all in the name of fun.

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