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Little Rock's Museum of Discovery a good way to wind down a day

When our daughter was about a year old, we were invited over to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. While there were a few attractions for her to visit, we felt as if she was not developed enough to enjoy many of the exhibits. Over our move down south and the intervening months, she has hit a number of developmental milestones. We decided to visit the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas, to see exactly what she would delve into. While it was a bit brisk that afternoon, we were able to find parking about a block away from the museum.

After checking in to the front desk, we started exploring everything that the Museum had to offer. While there were a few hands-on exhibits that were still a little beyond the ability of our two-year-old, we were pleasantly surprised at how the museum was able to engage children of all ages. Tucked away in the bottom of the Museum of Discovery is Earth Journeys, a collection of birds, snakes, spiders, and other fauna that make their home in Arkansas. While just a small part of the museum, we had quite a bit of fun with a device (humidifier and taut membrane) that showed the creation of vapor clouds.

The Discovery Hall was full of different devices that would be enjoyed by older children and parents alike. For example, we liked the pulley system that made it incredibly easy for a child to lift up a considerable weight. 

There were a pair of attractions that were particularly interesting to our daughter; the Room to Grow includes a mock veterinarian’s lab replete with a number of stuffed animals and x-ray prints. Other parts of this section were a bit more hectic, with a system allowing kids to perform their favorite songs, dance around and see themselves on television.

While we are past the breastfeeding stage, the museum also offers a private room for nursing mothers. A well-stocked gift shop makes it easy for attendees to go home with something fun, with items priced well below the average fare from other museums from around the region.

Admission to the Museum of Discovery is $10 for each adult, $8 for those under 13 and over 60, and $8 for teachers, city employees, and active and retired military service-people. The Museum is open from 9 to 5 most days (M-Sat), while holding shortened hours (1 to 5 PM) on Sundays. While the length a family stays is ultimately up to the temperament of the children, we’d guess that the Museum of Discovery will keep attendees interested for about 2 to 3 hours.

The Museum of Discovery’s social media profiles are the best place to check up on current events and other special things that are being presented at the location. We’ll be back up at the MoD for their Third Annual Messtival on May 19th, a celebration of all things slimy, foamy, and otherwise not house-friendly. What experiences have you had at the museum? In Little Rock generally?

Museum of Discovery / 500 President Clinton Ave, Ste 150 Little Rock, Arkansas / WebsiteFacebook

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