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YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. In fact, even if you don’t actively visit YouTube itself, you almost certainly still see content hosted on the platform. When someone wants to host a video online, they put it on YouTube. After all, why waste space on your own server when you can use YouTube’s for free and embed the video?

Despite the immense popularity of YouTube, there is still a great deal about the platform that the average user is unaware of. In particular, YouTube is capable of doing a number of things that aren’t very heavily advertised. Some of this additional functionality is experimental, but much of it is there to assist the so-called power users. These are the users who spend a significant portion of their day on YouTube, usually in a professional capacity. And no, that doesn’t mean watching cat videos while avoiding your actual job.

Link to a Particular Timestamp in a Video

Often when we want to share a clip from YouTube with someone else, we are only looking for a particular section of the larger whole. When a user searches on YouTube for a particular film title, they will be met with everything from the shortest, most meme-worthy clips, to the entire film in some cases. Generating a link to a particular time makes things much easier.

First, simply click the ‘Share’ button. When you do this, a checkbox will appear beneath next to the ‘Start at’ box which lets you specify a time. If you pause the video, then YouTube will automatically fill in the box for you. YouTube will generate a link that takes the recipient to that specific point in the video.

The other method is to pause the video at the moment you want your link to start, right-click on the video and click on ‘Copy Video URL at Current Time’.

Bypass Local Blocks

Some videos on YouTube will be blocked based on geographic location. This can be a real pain in some cases, in others it represents attempts to control information. See this guide – for information on how to overcome such blocks.


YouTube automatically transcribes every video uploaded to the service, although they have apparently decided not to advertise this feature extensively. Under any video’s title will be a button with three dots and the word ‘More’. Click this button to reveal a mini menu, select ‘transcript’ from the menu and you will be presented with a full transcript beneath the video.

Note that creators have the option of disabling transcripts and so if the option isn’t there then this is why.

Share Playlists

Whether you want to put together a collection of stuff to watch with a friend, or you are part of a larger group who is using YouTube for research purposes, you may well want to be able to collaboratively edit a playlist. Whatever your reasons, you will be glad to hear that this couldn’t be simpler to do. You can also share playlists that you create with your fans and ask for their feedback.

All you need to do is to click on the Video manager button at the top of your channel’s page, then click on ‘Playlist’ and ‘New Playlist’. Once you’ve named your playlist you can then make it public in order to share it and start adding to it right away.

YouTube is the king of online video hosting. Not only is it completely free to use, it offers creators by far the largest potential audience they are likely to find. There are many other secrets hidden beneath its surface, you just have to find them. “Also read, How to Watch YouTube without WiFi or Cellular Data“.

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