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Cigarette smoking has long been perceived as effortlessly cool. Keith Richards, Axl Rose, Lemmy Kilmister, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Ville Valo, and other rock stars along the way have been seen smoking over the years and have never attempted to hide their habit. Rock legends have been portrayed as cool rebellious guys as they posed for the camera with a cigarette hanging loosely from their lips.

Fans are prone to emulate the image of the icon. Many smokers decided to try cigarettes because they saw their favorite band doing it. That’s why we find it great that musicians of all genres are now embracing vaping. Traditional cigarettes are left behind and best vaporizer from VapingDaily selection is a new hot trend.

Reactions to Smoking-Free Policies


A lot of concert venues across the world have adopted smoke-free policies. Musicians are hard-pushed to find a place for a smoke break without being surrounded by fans waiting outside.

Without smoking, some artists would simply be unable to perform. Keith Richards is a devoted smoker. He claims it is an integral part of his onstage persona. Richards is reported to have got an exemption from various international regulations allowing him to keep smoking onstage during the concerts.

Other rock stars, including Rolling Stones bandmate Ronnie Wood, take the ban more pragmatically. They choose to get the same sensations from vaping while staying on the right side of the law.

An e-cig is an appealing option because it imitates the actual smoking. A person holds a product that looks like a regular cigarette and inhales and exhales the clouds of vapor that are similar to cigarette smoke.

The harmful health effects of smoking that came to be more fully elucidated also have a role to play in the spread of vaping. Musicians are more health-conscious than ever. And they are switching to a safer alternative. According to the research carried out by Public Health England, electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco. There’s also a possibility that they could be prescribed by the National Health Service in future to help smokers quit.

Whether it was the ban on smoking in public places or the growing concern about the dangerous consequences of the habit that forced people to change their attitude, we can say that tobacco smoking has now lost its cool image. Barry Manilow, Courtney Love, Robbie Williams, Ronnie Wood, Paul Weller, and Tom Petty are just some of the musicians who’ve switched to vaping.

Back in 2013, Lily Allen’s video “Hard Out There” was criticized for featuring an e-cig. Nevertheless, it has over 46 million views. It seems that Allen’s decision to show herself vaping didn’t bother her audience.

Vaping and Hip-Hop Culture

Today, it is a usual practice for musicians to feature vape products in their videos. You can see them in The Foo Fighters video for the song ‘Run’ and DJ Khaled “I’m the One” and “Do You Mind”.

Vaping penetrates into hip-hop culture. Some rappers have developed their own brands of e-cigs. Snoop Dogg who is known for his love of green stuff has released a weed vaporizer. Wiz Khalifa has launched a dry herb vaporizer.

Some artists who can’t give up smoking find e-cigs helpful in breaking the habit. Katy Perry has started smoking to calm down before concerts. Later, she couldn’t quit it. Now, the singer is an avid supporter of the e-cig and has been vaping for a few years.

Stars like Tom Petty and Dave Navarro are openly discussing their switch to vaping. Both musicians have advocated it as an excellent tool to quit smoking, saying that they have seen real health benefits after reducing their tobacco addiction.

Navarro, in particular, has become something of an ambassador of e-cigs. He frequently appears in the media to share how his vape pen assisted him to quit nicotine entirely in just four months. The musician is so convinced of the effectiveness of vaping as a means of dropping smoking that he claims it literally saved his life.

Vape culture is a relatively recent phenomenon. But it is strong. It’s not a surprise that many people have made the switch from paper-based smoking to digital vaping. It has an indisputable advantage over the tobacco industry. Smokers can finally replace their cigarette habit with a healthier one.

The music scene needs to keep pace with the times and to follow new tendencies and directions. We will probably see more and more stars taking up vaping. We may also witness new commercial decisions, with more celebs lending their names to vaping products and endorsing them. The cigarette, once an everlasting symbol of rebellion, might one day become a thing of the past.

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