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The decision regarding whether to use a beard brush or comb is ultimately based on personal preference. Brushes and combs have more similarities than differences because they are both designed to achieve the goal of well-manicured, smooth and tangle-free beard.


The first key difference between a brush and comb is the material. Animal hair is one of the common materials that are used for making beard brushes. The hairs work by naturally reducing tangles and fizz as well as redistributing oils evenly within the hair.

Beard combs are typically made of hard, natural, smooth material like sandalwood. Woods are popular because of their anti-static properties and durability. Sandalwood, for example, has a warm and deep aroma that makes it ideal for beard combs as the user can enjoy the scent while combing.


Another difference is the portability of beard grooming tools. Since combs are generally thinner than brushes, they are easier to carry around. If you have a limited amount of space and need to make sure that the grooming tool fits in your bag or pocket, a beard comb is a good choice.


A beard comb is also preferable if you want to carry a case. Cases enable you to store combs within protective sleeves that keep the teeth safe from damage and getting dirty.

Grooming Preferences

For people who want to groom their beard while it is still wet a beard comb works effectively because it is designed to deal with the knots in a softer beard. However, if this is not an important factor and you usually groom your beard while it is dry, a beard brush is suitable. Beard brushes force the hairs to go in a certain direction and eliminate dead skin cells, which makes it much easier for you to style your beard. Click here for more on beard brush vs. comb.


  • Using both a beard comb and beard brush offers greater flexibility.
  • Your grooming routine may involve using a comb after your shower, giving the hair some time to dry and using a brush in combination with a grooming product of your choice such as beard balm or beard oil.
  • Some beard combs also work as hair combs and are designed to work through tangled, long hair. Beard brushes may not be ideal if you have very long hair and plan to groom when your hair is still wet.


Brushing or Combing your Beard

  • There are a number of things that you can keep in mind when considering whether to brush or comb your beard. If you are aiming for a natural and fuller look, brushing your beard is recommended.
  • Alternatively, if your priority is styling, you can comb your beard. It is a good idea to begin with a high quality brush if your main objective is to tame your mustache or start training the hairs of your beard to grown in a particular direction.
  • Each individual has their own preference and many people opt to use combs to get out tangles and knots with a comb first and then use a brush for the purpose of training their hairs. The beard can be combed again and styled further.


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