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What is Junior College?

A junior college can be said as an educational institution which has got a sole responsibility of preparing students for certain skilled trades or providing them with the required foundation to carry on their higher studies in some other college which is, generally, equipped with advanced materials for the particular course the child is interested in. A child goes to junior college post completing his/her secondary education. 1-3 years is the general duration of a junior college.

Why is Junior College Prime in Deciding about a Child’s Career?

Decisions made at the junior college are highly critical in deciding about a child’s career ahead. Realizing the importance of junior college, most parents prefer enrolling their students for JC tuitions, so as to get one-to-one attention enabling the kids to develop a better understanding of the subjects.

  • Grades Received in Junior Year

Nobody can deny the importance of grades received in the junior year as they will be reviewed by the folks entrusted to admit children in respective colleges. Better a child’s grades; more prospects he/she has to get admitted into his/her favorite college for the desired course.

Moreover, a child’s behavior in junior college also matters. If a child shares a good relationship with his/her teachers he/she is highly likely to secure a letter of recommendation for them for getting admitted to a particular college. Hence, apart from grades, attitude and behavior do matter.

  • Planning for College

Apart from concentrating on securing good grades or marks; a child is also burdened by the list of colleges available. Filtering through this tremendously big list of colleges is, undoubtedly, a big task for students.

Based on his/her decision a child can land into a good college or not so good one. Hence, it becomes very important to take some time out and review each and every college. Plenty of college material is available to get a quick look over their facts and figures. Deciding about a college shouldn’t be left for the last as it becomes really confusing thereafter. So, it is essential for a child to filter down his/her list to 10-15 colleges beforehand itself and start studying with an aim to cover their admission criteria.

  • Planning a Career

Nobody plans their career when taking secondary education. However, the same is required to do so when entering a junior college. Moreover, if a child has a definite career path in mind, it will help him/her to narrow down the list of colleges also. Hence, he/she will study with a set aim in the junior college and hence, will be able to secure much better grades as compared to his/her other junior college mates.


Hence, junior college is highly critical in deciding about the upcoming professional life of children. Even a child begins to document his/her education and achievements in junior college itself with an aim to build a good resume to be considered when going for admissions into universities and other colleges, after completing junior college. Junior college years must be given their due importance as a child will reap the fruits of his/her hard work in junior college years, for the entire duration of his/her career.

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