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There are a lot of things that can make your dog go batty. Sudden loud noises, especially the kind caused by storms can have your dog tearing around the house barking madly. Given a chance, you would want to calm down your frightened furry friend. If you live in an area that is prone to storms and all the accompanying inconveniences, you need a remedy even more.

Cannabidiol has proven to be a great compound in dealing with anxiety not only in humans, but also in animals. CBD has been around years ago, but their availability has been going on and off with laws being put in place due to poor research and studies. Derived from hemp, which has many other uses, CBD can also be found in dog treats to help calm their nerves during stressful times. Karma Pets is one trusted company that makes them.– Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from the hemp plant. Despite it being a strain of cannabis, CBD does not have the psychoactive qualities that the other compound, THC, has. It will therefore not get the user high. For an in-depth explanation on CBD oil for dogs check out this guide by wileypup.

Getting CBD oil for dogs from an online site like honest paws does not, therefore, translate to getting your pet high. CBD is a natural compound and supplement which can be added to food or taken directly. It combats issues like:

  • Allergies
  • Stomach issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety and phobias

Your interest here, if your dog is still young and does not suffer from any serious illnesses, is anxiety and phobia.  Anxiety can also be brought about by veterinarian visits or introduction to new people and places. That is apart from loud noises and stuff that goes bump in the night.

Why Use CBD on Your Dog?

Unless your dog is more of a guard dog than a pet, its little yelps of fright would be an irritant to you. You would not think them cute.

  • If your dog is hypersensitive to new situations, people and loud noises, you want to calm it down. Otherwise, you can bid sleep bye-bye. What better way than to use a natural product that will get the job done instead of turning to medication?
  • An anxious dog is impossible to take anywhere. It will freak out in the park and will not be willing to socialize. That does not say much for a large part of your social life. Dog owners love to meet up on their walks and talk about their dogs and pet them. That is not possible with a dog that has anxiety.
  • When taking your dogs out is inevitable, you could give them a dose

of CBD oil to make things easier for you and for them. It helps alleviate the anxiety that will be caused by experiencing new places and new interactions.

CBD oil is also great for dealing with usual maladies like gut issues and allergies. It is therefore a good product to have around.

How to  Get Your Dog to Take CBD

  • You can use a dropper and feed it to the dog directly. This way, it goes straight to the tongue and gums and gets absorbed faster.
  • Put some oil on your fingers and let the dog lick it off. Alternatively, you can rub it directly on the dog’s gums.
  • Add it to their food.
  • Put it on the healthiest dog treats and feed it to the dog.
  • Put it on a piece of bread and feed it to your dog.

You can access more information on websites that are dedicated to medical marijuana by typing, for instance, honest paws. You can also get the product online by placing an order on any of the online stores you will come across.

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