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Want to propel your business towards success with efficient marketing? You need to start by creating a robust email marketing database! Having the personal email ids of your existing and potential customers lets your brand message effectively on a one on one basis. Through email, you may share news related to company policy changes, promotional offers, information related to products/services and much more. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to maximize sales as well. It will naturally result in an increased conversion rate than any other digital marketing technique. It also helps to heighten your business and brand awareness.

According to studies, companies are likely to attain over 20% open rate when it comes to emails. The opt-out rate is a mere .3%. When you compare the same with social media, you will be surprised to find that your update/news has a chance to get lost amidst a pool of other posts. Sometimes, owing to excess content on these platforms, the desired update might not even appear on your timeline. Compared to this predicament, email marketing offers a certain value.

Create an opt-in email database


Building an opt-in database is essential to reap the benefits of your email marketing campaign. You need to request users to provide their email address at all touchpoints possible. You can offer a daily free email update that comprises of news and information on products or discounts. Generate compelling reports and informative whitepapers and share the same with your customer base through email.

As a marketing manager, it is imperative that you expand your email marketing database. That seems to be a daunting task for many, especially if the database has been losing names owing to spam issues, undeliverable email addresses, and un-subscribes. Want your email database to be a responsive one? If yes, here are some smart tactics that will help you address this easily.

  1. Utilize your website


For regular email collection, add a visible sign-up option all across the website. It is crucial to keep in mind that majority of your viewers will use your site to know more about your organization, services, and products. Your target should be to compel all or most of your visitors to provide their email address before leaving.

  1. Refer to a friend


A referral program is a must-have today. It does not only enable you to increase your email list, but it also results in instant customer acquisition and revenue generation. Getting new users on board via social networking platforms is one of the ideal ways to create your email list with quality people.

  1. Collect email address through a call center

Customers usually speak to the call center executives to seek answers to their queries related to a company’s products or services. You must adequately train your customer care executives to let the users know why sharing their email id would be beneficial. Their speech should be easy and precise, and not verbose. If you want professional assistance in setting up your email database, you can join hands with companies like

  1. Take email id from the real world


Train your staff at the retail store to get customers’ email address in a polite and easy-going manner. The idea is not to bother the customer who is busy trying to decide which product to buy at the store. So, adopt the best strategy for collecting email ids of the users.

  1. Make the most of your Facebook fan page


Most email marketers promote their organizations or brand’s fan page on Facebook. Leverage this social media platform to add to your email list. You must have already requested for an email registration on your page. In addition to that, you can also urge your followers and fans to sign up on a timely basis. You can add a tagline such as “Register now to receive 50% promo codes.” Adding an incentive to a call to action is always beneficial.

  1. Generate leads via publishers


Some publishers are willing to add your email subscription offer. They do it as their registration process. To avail this service, you have to search for a publisher that has a readership in sync with your consumer base. It will help you maximize your success.

  1. Give email appending a thought


Do you have a substantial offline consumer base? If yes, then having their email address will be helpful. Once you add these customers as a part of your online marketing database, you can start communicating with them virtually on an ongoing basis. Work out a steady plan for the same. Do not be aggressive in your attempts. Urge gently, and you can have the information you need.

  1. Count on data hygiene


You do not want to fill your email database with undeliverable email addresses. Ensure that you exercise appropriate rules to rectify errors in email address, for instance having two consecutive dots. If you can get a subscriber to re-enter their email address, it would be useful. However, check out if that will lessen your subscription rates.

  1. Reactivate the unengaged members


Technically, it might seem that this tactic is not about expanding your list. However, look at it this way. When you have an inactive member on the email list, it is synonymous with not having one. So, reactivation campaigns need to be a part of the consumer lifecycle strategy. When you maximize the customer engagement, it naturally boosts the deliverability.

Email marketing is touted to be one of the efficient ways to engage and reach your niche customers. In fact, research highlights that most business houses, start-ups, and established organizations will rely more on this marketing tactic by 2020.

Other than being able to connect with the vast pool of audience, email marketing can provide advantages that other online marketing mediums cannot. Here, you have the scope to customize your email message based on the audience pulse. Email marketers can further segment their audience to make sure that correct leads receive insightful data at useful times. However, all this is possible when you own a responsive email marketing database.

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