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London is a city with an exceptionally rich and diverse nightlife. Because this city is such a mix of cultures and traditions, it offers a great variety of clubs and bars that can appeal to any taste. There are also many fascinating nighttime activities that you’ll need to explore when taking a break from music and drinks.

London Nightlife Guide: 6 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

1.      Enjoy some music at Hootananny Brixton

Hootananny Brixton is the place where you should go to enjoy some fabulous reggae, ska, and folk music. It’s a must-visit place because it’s so unlike anything you’ll see in the ‘traditional’ London. This is why it’s a perfect illustration of the city’s cultural diversity.

Concerts here are also a lot of fun as you simply cannot fail to have fun with such a passionate and fiery music booming around you.

2.      Take pictures of famous attractions

You can memorize the route to all the best attractions in the city by joining free walking tours in London. During the tour you should create a list of landmarks you’d like to see at night. Doing this is an absolute must because the British know how to light up a building in a way that will make it look ten times more epic than it does during the day.

Be sure to get a camera capable of nighttime photography and read up on how to take great shots in these conditions.

3.      See a show (without spending a small fortune)

Visiting a theater is a must-have point for any London nightlife guide. In many ways, London is the city of theaters and shows that you can enjoy here are superb. But they are also very expensive.

That’s unless you get lucky at the TKTS booth, where you can buy discounted last-minute tickets. This is a perfect option for a spontaneous traveler as you don’t have to book in advance.

4.      Go on a pub crawl

A London nightlife guide cannot be complete without a pub crawl. This activity is so popular in Britain, it’s like a national sport. Pub or bar crawling is practiced everywhere in the country, but no city has as many fantastic options as London.

And if you want to enjoy the best modern pub crawling experience in the UK capital, you’ll need to get acquainted with Camden nightlife. This part of the city is essentially made of bars, pubs, and clubs. It’s a nightlife hotspot and a place where you can meet London residents and tourists alike. This is also a popular neighborhood for students who know how to have fun.

5.      Ride a bus

It might seem like a strange addition to a London nightlife guide, but a bus ride is exactly what you need to enrich your night. You see, the British turned spookiness into an art with their multiple haunted mansions and fantastic mystery stories.

Ghost Bus Tours are a great addition to the overall ‘haunted feel’ of the country. These tours are rather versatile and have a unique atmosphere.

6.      Relax and enjoy dancing in a club

Any London nightlife guide should contain a list of clubs where you can spend an unforgettable night of fun. This city is huge and has dozens of such places. Some of the most interesting venues are Heaven, Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Cargo, and Electric Brixton. But don’t limit yourself to these names only as there are many others to explore.

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