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For the better part of the last ten or so years, the global economy has continuously fought an ever-uphill battle with the aim of staging a vibrant comeback. Over time, there’ve been notable improvements in some of the leading economic sectors which suffered the most during the market crash that occurred between 2008 and 2009.The U.S. motor industry has worked tirelessly to come up with new advanced innovations to keep it afloat. Markedly, the electric hybrid car craze has completely taken over the news and other popular media platforms, for instance in TV shows and on blockbuster movies. It’s no surprise that many of the families vacationing the top teen CA destinations, like, the Yellowstone or at Yosemite National Park opt to use the latest hybrid cars and SUVs due to their reliability and environmental benefits.

The top concern on the minds of all reputable auto manufacturers is how they can build more energy efficient and safer cars at lowered costs. However, despite the hype that these innovative cars attract, it is imperative that you refresh up on your Driver Ed California before revving up that electric hybrid to ensure everyone’s safety while on the roads. Here’s a snapshot of the main events and policy changes responsible for the strong comeback in the ever-green U.S. auto industry.

Government Support

Before the incumbent US president, Donald Trump ascended into office, the American auto industry was on its very knees, and it was only a matter of time before the entire auto-industry house of cards came down tumbling. The previous administration had tried all means and avenues to resuscitate and at least inject new fresh blood into this cornerstone industry sector, but it seems they were getting nowhere. Due to the huge public outcry, the then government led by the nation’s first Afro-American president, Obama, passed a law that saw the major auto manufacturers get the much-needed financial bailouts. The bailouts served to cool the heated auto industries at best, but they didn’t really address the core of the problem.

Going Green

The Obama administration was very strict with the environmental laws and regulations governing not only the auto industry but all the other major industries as well. For companies to qualify for the Obama bailouts, they had to be 100% dedicated to producing greener consumer products. That policy dealt a severe blow to traditional auto manufacturers who were heavily dependent on fossil fuels for their auto products.

But, at the same time, the stringent environmental measures also acted as a reality check. That wakeup call prompted the auto giants to refocus and put more thoughts and investments towards the future of the auto industry which was going the electric way. As it currently stands, there’s not a single auto manufacturer out there who don’t have an electric auto project which has either been completed or is being worked on.

Lowering Manufacturing Costs

President Donald Trump introduced a completely new proposal for the ailing American auto industry. To Trump, the solution had very little to do with energy efficiency, but instead, it was all about lowering the cost of manufacturing or production for American vehicles. As a matter of fact, Trump made it clear right from his campaigning days that he would do all that was possible to bring back production to his nation. Notably, before Trump administration, all of the leading American auto manufacturers had sought cheaper production grounds in far-flung places like in China just to cut the costs and consequently up their profit margins.

The radical move by the incumbent US administration to try and tilt the scales favorably for the American auto manufacturers bore excellent fruits, and today, some auto titans have returned to set up factories and auto-processing plants in the US. That bold move has yielded excellent returns as is evidenced by all the new electric hybrids you’ll find parking at the top teen CA destinations like at the Grand Canyon National Park. However, despite the safety associated with electric hybrid models, it is important to retake a driver ed California short course to seamlessly operate these vehicles.

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