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Smoking is a habit which is dangerous but yet is practiced by many. People smoke many things among which most common is tobacco and weed. Smoking tobacco or weed is a common thing but nowadays another medium of taking weed and tobacco is very common i.e. vaping. Vaping is turning out to be a favorite for those who take weed. Though it is obvious that both smoking and vaping will affect the body but which one is a bit healthier is the question.

Vaping is the process of heating the cannabis without burning. The heat helps to release the active ingredients into a vapor and then releases it into the air with a vaporizer device. In this process, no smoke is created. Below is provided many differences between smoking and vaping weed:

Process of taking the weed

In the process of smoking, it burns the entire plant causing the cannabinoid, tarpenes and various other chemical compounds to react together into an inhalable vapor which acts more efficiently as it is more effective as all the materials are taken together and not taken separately. The process of vaporization involves heating the flower materials which results in heating up the oils and cannabinoids without any formation of smoke.


It is noticed that in case of smoking, the smoking flowers varies widely in composition for different growers and for different batches. Thus here is very less consistency of the weed. In case of vaping, there is more consistency as the vape products are produced with the aim of producing the same products from batch to batch. Thus vaping is in advantage from this perspective.

Vaping is lighter:

In case of vaping, the vapors which are imparted from a vaporizer device, is much lighter with lesser odor than the smoke particles which are discharged when smoking weed. The method of vaping is also better for the lungs as it does not include any combustion. Thus the method of vaping is also better from this angle.


The process of smoking involves burning of plants which includes various components. The plant is rolled to make a joint and is again burnt. This process results in combustion which affects the environment and creates toxic by-products. They also cause various respiratory diseases. The process of vaping does not include any combustion thus is safer than the previous one.

Respiratory Diseases:

Smoking highly damages the lungs. When the body is inhaling the burnt smoke, it is getting affected by it and the body is thus getting indulged to various respiratory diseases such as coughing, bronchitis etc. vaping do not cause these respiratory problems. Thus the method of vaping is safer from this angle also.


Different form of cannabis produces a different flavor when exposed in various temperatures. Cannabis plant has a unique form of flavor which is called terpenes. Terpenes are natural aroma, which are extracted from resins. The flavor of the terpenes depends on at what temperature the terpene is boiled. The vaporizing method allows the weed lovers to experience flavors which are extracted from the cannabis oil.


It can seem like that it is very easy to use the vaporizer than rolling a joint. Though it sound very easy but this process of vaporization has its own problems. It is very difficult to enter the tiny chamber which can cause irritation to the user. In case of USB vaporizers, if the battery runs out in middle of being used then it may result in making the individual not so high and the total process may result into a waste. Thus the traditional way of lightning a joint is a better option when taking weed.


When any person is smoking, it is coming in direct contact with the material and is directly taking the smoke inside which is thicker and is highly affecting the users as well as the person near him/ her. In case of vaporization, the vapor is thinner and inhaling the cannabinoids causes less harm than smoking.

Thus it is evident from these differences that the process of vaping is much healthier and better than the process of smoking weed. Vaping marijuana is the new trend and is used by many who have loved this experience. Vaping affects the body less and do not harm any body organs. Vaporizers are used massively nowadays by the users and people are shifting slowly from the old conventional method of taking weed than the new one.

There are various methods of vaping available. It includes slickvapes wax vape pens which are highly effective for vaping the weed and relaxing by getting high. Thus we are of the conclusion that smoking of weed should be reduced and vaping should be increased though both affect the body but vaping is a bit healthier.

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