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Conventional mortgage loans can be impressive for some borrowers. In fact, several current home loans are ideal for future homeowners, but doctors, dentists, and veterinarians often have different fiscal necessities. Most financial institutions pay attention to the immediate earning capacity of a professional. Physician mortgage loans are a bit different. The banks understand that they do not earn as much when their careers begin. However, med school graduates have one of the highest potentials of earning among all professionals.

Physician banks offering all kinds of loans to doctors and dentists give more importance to the potential for earning than their ability to default on the loan. Today, all banks make these types of loan plans for doctors. They take the responsibility of the underwriting, and these banks do not sell them. Hence they can offer more relaxed terms of mortgage and loans than the conventional loans do. Banks often have to give “mass produced” underwriting and terms for conventional loans since they sell these to bigger financial institutions, who leverage them in the share market for long-term investments.

Are there more than one physician loan types you can avail?

While these physician loans are perfect for doctors, they have some variations. It is wrong to believe that everyone will have the same use for the money. Being a medical professional, you may need the cash for renovating your home, moving to a new city, setting up a new practice, getting a new car for the daily commute or paying for your kids’ tuitions. Irrespective of the different reasons, it is imperative for the professional to have the cash ready at the right moment.

Here are the different types of physician loans you can avail during varying needs of life –

  1. Physician business loans

Doctors need to set up private clinics and practices at some point. Earlier in the day, maintaining a roster of names and hiring an assistant would be all one needed to do so. Right now, doctors need sophisticated software, clinic space lease payments, the latest equipment and tons of rentals. Physician business loan companies do not check personal or business profile and credit score. Getting the exact amount for setting up a new business was never easier before the rise of physician business loans.


  1. Home mortgage for doctors

The home mortgage is a critical decision for everyone. Doctors need to ensure that they are speaking with the right lending agencies for their home loan. It should come with added benefits like a property dossier and search services. Additionally, it should not involve the 20% down that conventional home loans require.


  • Personal loans

Sometimes, the reason for taking out a new loan is personal. The purpose of most personal loans includes home upgrades, car servicing, and repair. Nonetheless, doctors often need these loans at short notice without the extensive credit verification. Personal loans for physicians require minimum documentation.

Apart from these three primary classifications, there are several other types of loans. Multiple factors can contribute to the reason of taking a loan. Irrespective of everything, a physician needs a source of credit that will deliver on time and meet the financial requisites.


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