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Today it is not a problem to find biker jewelry. Specialized shops and online stores offer an abundance of products. However, to some extent, all these pieces are copies of each other. In other words, you can’t expect uniqueness from cookie-cutter solutions. The situation is totally different with hand-crafted jewelry. Even the simplest items, such as rings, pendants, and bracelets, favorably differ from their “store” counterparts. You can feel human labor even in the smallest details of such products. A thorough fitting of elements, attention to detail, and warmth of craftsman’s hands are able to create truly one of a kind jewelry pieces.


Jewelry worth the Praise

Some people mistakenly believe that hand-made biker jewelry can’t compete with off-the-shelf products. Probably, they consider it to be arty-crafty. However, here, at Bikerringshop, we strongly disagree. Our jewelry made by hand is a genuine work of art. We believe that the most important aspect of accessories is not the high cost or precious metals and stones. It is rather a meticulous selection of materials, textures, and shapes. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many handcrafted jewelry pieces have taken a worthy place in museums and private collections.

While it is not our goal to create ornaments that will collect dust in museums, our pieces have something in common with such items. Above all else, it is a level of creativity they carry and tastefulness.


Art Jewelry

Today, exclusive jewelry is in vogue. Popular designers often give their preferences to art jewelry as an opportunity to fully reveal the look of a model and apparel she presents. In case of biker jewelry, it became quite common to see women wearing such items even though from the time immemorial they have been a male prerogative. This shows how original and eye-catchy hand-made jewelry with an individual design is.

Another benefit of biker jewelry is that it is an ideal gift for a man. These ornaments won’t leave anyone indifferent due to their uniqueness and boldness. While not every man gravitates towards jewelry in principle, everybody agrees that biker accessories are able to emphasize masculinity and reveal a wide side of their owners’ nature.


Quality is Above All


Biker jewelry is capable of attracting attention as well as it emphasizes beauty and harmony. At the same time, it offers a greater reliability and quality than store products. During the manufacturing process, we pay attention to every detail. Such an approach guarantees excellent sturdiness and durability. We are sure that our items won’t break or tear even if used every day. We value our reputation, therefore, our goal is to produce reliable and comfortable items with superb quality. Bikkerringshop gives preferences to natural materials such as sterling silver and leather, which are able to provide these properties. On top of that, they have a natural appeal.



An Abundance of Models


Bikkerringshop offers a wide selection of biker jewelry for real men. It is highly appreciated by motorcycle buffs as well as other informal communities. Anyone can adopt elements of a biker style even if you are not a fan of steel horses. Our rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets are stylish, enticing and accessible so that every man and even woman can accessorize his/her wardrobe with an unusual item.

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