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In the past, hotels were not considered a good place to stay for some travelers until boutiques have entered the spotlight. While you may be impressed with how hotels look, you may not want to inhabit them for a long period.  But with the boutique hotels entering the scene now, you can experience an extraordinary lifestyle. Living as a digital Nomad and traveling the world, Boutique hotels such as Mojo Nomad,  possess the qualities of a home, making the entire stay of everybody lovelier and warmer. That’s why it’s important to find some of the best boutique hotels in the world that you should visit. Here are some of them.


  1. Little Green Bay, Croatia – If your next trip is in Europe, you should visit Croatia’s hottest boutique hotel. The place is perfect for soul searching because of its pine-scented bay. The interiors have stylish contemporary design ideal for total relaxation. The hotel has a pebble beach, a bar–restaurant, and a mini-spa that anyone can enjoy.


  1. Unguja Lodge, Tanzania – There’s no place like home, right? Well, this hotel found at the heart of Kizimkazi, Tanzania, is the right place for your next holiday trip. Unlike the usual hotel setup, Unguja Lodge is known for its spacious villas and family villas where you can unwind and bond with your family and friends.


  1. Ammos Hotel, Greece – If you’re a sea lover, then you’ll probably see this seaside hotel as the right one to visit. With its cool design, Ammos hotel continues to be a family-oriented and style-conscious place for every traveler. The facilities are undoubtedly amazing because of its sunshine yellow bathroom, comfy cushions, and a super-chic playground available for grown-ups and kids alike.


  1. Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Serviced Residences, Malaysia – When you visit to Asia, Malaysia’s Lanson Place should be the first on your list. With the hotel’s tasteful elegance and spectacular sky lounge, your stay will surely be an unforgettable experience. They boast of a barbeque area, premium beds, and a collection of the resident’s library; hence, you can bring your work with you without a problem.


  1. Casa la Concha Boutique Hotel, Spain – One of the most loved boutique hotels in Spain is the Casa la Concha. It offers a seasonal outdoor pool and an astonishing garden filled with a variety of plants and flowers. Your visit will certainly be worthy of your time, money, and energy.


  1. Washington School House Hotel, USA – Do you want something different? Then, you may want to visit this hotel for an amazing living experience. You’ll be astonished by the interior’s fine artwork and a vast collection of antiques. Not only that – the use of color and the fabrics are exquisite, making your whole stay as comfortable as can be.


  1. The Pavilions Phuket, Thailand – If you’re looking for a variety of stunning views and luxurious villas while working remotely, this hotel is what you’re looking for. As one of the best boutique hotels in the world, this is the perfect place to de-stress because of its exclusive modern amenities, which include a scenic terrace and an infinity pool.


  1. Solage Calistoga, USA – This boutique hotel allows you to choose the room you want to stay in. There are 83 expansive studios and 6 lavish bedroom suites that will make your visit extra special. The accommodations are refined with natural and inviting furnishings for a fresh vibe all throughout your sojourn.


  1. Saffire-Freycinet, Tasmania, Australia – You’ll have a surprising discovery with this unique boutique hotel. The place is perfectly designed to help guests rejuvenate and relax while they’re away from work. And if you want a sense of privacy for your visit, Saffire-Freycinet can guarantee such kind of experience for you. The hotel also allows you to be connected to the environment in an impeccable way.





Nowadays, boutique hotels aren’t just about how they look. They’re about how people live and find a warm sense of place away from their homes. With the advent of technology, you can conveniently find the best boutique hotels around the world through the Internet. So, plan your next visit now, book the boutique hotel of your choice, and don’t ever forget to have fun.

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