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If you think 14-year-old girls love only Barbie and daffodils, you could not be more wrong! Teenage girls are little women, who are very specific about what they like and what they don’t. You will see some teenage girls going gaga over the new GiGi Hadid lipstick shades or the Kylie Jenner makeup products, but then there are others, who are crazy about skateboarding and bike stunts. Today, teenagers are full-fledged individuals, scouting for some personal space and freedom. What you choose for your 14-year-old girl should reflect that.

Have you been paying attention to her hobbies and collections?

The first step towards buying great gifts for girls is understanding the individual preferences of your teenager. If you have been busy lately, there is no harm in asking about their hobbies and pastimes. Take a look at their music collections, bookshelf, and makeup shelves. What band or artist posters do they have? Are they fans of Demi Lovato or are they already listening to Pearl Jam? Imagine how cool it’d be to get them tickets to a concert in town or the next town for their favorite artist’s performance!

You could also think about contributing to their book collection. Is there a set of books that are missing two or three? You can buy those to complete the set. Or, find out what kind of makeup do they use. The latest trends might not be their favorite trends. Do they prefer matte and nude shades? Do they have a distinct preference for metallics? Browse the brands they use and check out more details on the shades and tones of the products. Surprise them on their birthday with a new set of eye makeup, lipsticks, lip gloss, moisturizers, and cleansers.

Is she in love with technology?

The love for gadgets does not abide by genders or age. Your 14-year-old princess can love GoPro-ing just as much as the boy next door. She might also be in love with photography and DSLRs. You can stoke her passion for photography with professional lenses, photo editing software, and photo printers. Amazon Echo, power bank, Kindle, headphones and protective covers for the gadgets she owns are all perfectly sensible gifts for her this year.

What kind of sports lover is she?

Gifts should tell her how much attention to pay to her throughout the day. These objects should be able to convey your love, care, and encouragement. Therefore, if your 14-year-old loves sports instead of makeup or gadgets, you can always think about getting her a Fitbit, engraved sports memorabilia, sporting equipment, and sports attachments for her electronic devices. If she enjoys playing sports virtually only, you can pamper her by gifting Nintendo Gift Cards, EA sports gift cards and latest versions of video games she has been playing online. Investing in a Nintendo Switch or a new PS is not a bad idea either since they will last a lifetime with the correct upgrades.

You should not feel at a loss when it is time to pick out a present for your 14-year-old girl. Just stay calm and follow these guidelines for making the birthday and Christmas evenings perfect.

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