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In Mexico, distances can be huge, and in case you opt for public transport systems, you should be prepared for long journeys. For example, a trip between Mexico City and Tijuana can take nearly two days if you are using an express bus. Evidently, the public transport system is efficient in most scenarios as you get to enjoy the adventure but taking occasional flight will save you time. But first things first, Mexico is known for widespread drug cartels which can translate to traffic incidences. As such, before choosing your travel destination and method, you should check which courts have most traffic cases and consequently avoid those routes. Also, in case you are contemplating about driving yourself around the country, enroll in a traffic school for some guidelines regarding the traffic requirements. Below are ways through which you can travel around Mexico.

By Bus

In Mexico, buses are the most common and efficient forms of public transport. Most bus companies have currently installed buzzers and warning light to caution whenever the driver is over speeding. Also, the government has introduced regular mechanical checks to ensure that the buses are roadworthy. This way, you are assured of safe and efficient trips using Mexican buses.

By Air

There are more than fifty airports across Mexico, and most of them provide internal passenger flights. When choosing whether to make air transport, you should check the flight’s popularity since the more popular it is, the lower the cost. However, if you aim to enjoy the breathtaking landscape across Mexico, air transport will not work for you. This means of transportation should only be used when you are looking to save time.

By Train

Mexican railways were privatized in 1995 which gave room for improvement from private investors. As a result, better trains are continually being acquired, and the status of the rail lines is impeccable. Since trains make fewer and timed stops, you can confidently schedule your arrival time without fear of being late. With this system, you will enjoy comfortable trips at a convenient price.

By Sea

There are ferries which connect the ports of the Pacific mainland with Baja California. Also, there are smaller boats which can ferry you across the islands along the Gulf coast and the Caribbean. To ensure that you don’t miss these trips, you should check the schedules and fares before the set travel date

By Car

If you choose to drive yourself in Mexico, it is essential to take care and concentrate on avoiding road incidences. For safety reasons, you should check in a traffic school to ensure that you have all the requirements. This will ensure that you don’t brush off with the Mexican traffic laws. Also, you will get to know whether your license is valid to operate there and whether your insurance policy is applicable.

Car Rental

Renting a car is a brilliant idea as you can get to access where public transport can’t take you. With a rental car, you are at liberty to choose where to visit next, and in case you change your mind midway you will not be inconvenienced. You need to check the mileage rates carefully to avoid overspending.


Taxis can be a good option when traversing across Mexico, but you should be warned about possible rip-offs. In some occasions, the price meter will have been tampered with, and you end up being overcharged. To be on the safe side, you should look for tables indicating fixed prices which will give you a rough estimate of what you should pay. Also, you can agree on a price with the driver before embarking on the journey.

In a nutshell, Mexico is a fun place to visit, but you should take extra precautions before settling for your travel mean. Additionally, due to numerous road incidences, you should check which courts have most traffic cases and if possible avoid routes along such courts.

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