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Have you ever gone out together with your kids to look up to the sky at night? The sky has so many amazing things that you and your kids can explore. The moon, stars, and planets among its vastness provide a perfect field for your kid’s curiosity. Using a telescope in exploring the night sky to the flavor and fascination of observing the space and your kids love for astronomy. You will get to explore some of the facts you read about such as the different phases of the moon, different, brighter stars and try to count the number of stars as a family. This article will look at the four easy ways to explore the night sky using a telescope with your kids.

1. The Type of Telescope

The first telescope you use as a kid determines your enthusiasm towards astronomy onward. To avoid frustrations, it is of great importance that you provide your kids with the best telescope for observing the night sky. The best telescope for kids should be unique and perfect telescope for the new beginners trying out astronomy. With the best telescope for kids, exploring the night sky will be very easy.

2. Learning your Way Around

With a perfect telescope, the first step should be learning your way around. First, observe and Teach your kids about the sky and what to look at. This makes it easy for you when you go out there after dark to look at the sky. More so, when it’s finally the time to assemble the telescope, make sure you assemble everything with great care. Practice together with your kids in focusing and aiming at daytime terrestrial objects.

3. Focus on the Moon

What’s up there? When you go out at night with your kids, the first object to see is probably the moon. The moon has lots of fascinating details; it’s bright and hence easy to locate. You can tell your kids to draw the shape of the moon each day. By this, you will be able to track the various moon phases that make the lunar cycle.

4. Constellations

After a family picnic dinner, Constellations locating is one of the enjoyable activities for you and your kids. This activity is suitable for clear evenings when the stars are clear. Use your telescope to locate the different star clusters. A place away from artificial light is favorable for viewing the stars. You can spice things up by telling your kids to make models or draw the constellations they have observed. Did your kids know that planets are stars? The known planets have some traits that will help the kids distinguish them from the other stars. The telescope offers magnifications that help you view Venus due to its tremendous brightness. More so, your kids can identify Jupiter as the dazzling star in the southern sky. It has four moons that continuously change their positions. The mars appear as the bright eastern star during the late evening hours. You can also try researching on the solar eclipse dates to give your kids a lifetime experience.


Outdoor sky exploration provides a great way to spend quiet time with your kids. Does your child love astronomy? Some of the best telescopes can boost the kid’s love for astronomy and introduce the children to the night sky wonders. Taking your kids to the observatory or planetarium will be great. You can also make efforts to register your kids with the local astronomy club to further their ambitions. The astronomy club may of great help in case you have a problem with your telescope and may share your love for night sky astronomy.

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