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In the 21st century, everything we use has become motorized thanks to advancement in technology. Currently, even the skateboards that were once propelled by pushing are now remotely controlled. Electric skateboards have gained popularity within the past few years. Unlike manual skateboards, electric ones are operated using a remote control and have rechargeable batteries. The best electric skateboard should be durable, easy to use, fast, and affordable. In the future, it is likely that most skaters will embrace motorized skateboards and the manual ones will be long forgotten.

Here are some of the benefits of an electric skateboard for teens.

1. Fast speeds

Electric roller skates are fast and can cover a couple of miles within an hour depending on the model which you are using. Notably, the skateboards are powered by a power unit that is 800 watts or even less than that. With faster speeds, it is possible to cover long distances without getting tired as one would when using a manually operated skateboard. It is even possible for parents to send their teenagers to buy some groceries at the stores because when riding a motorized roller skate, your hands are free.

2. Pushing is not required

Most teens would get tired of pushing a skateboard across lanes and streets. Using an electric skateboard makes it easy for them because you need to ride without having to sweat pushing it. We all know how teens can be playful and of course, they don’t have to burn calories on a skateboard. Instead, they can use the energy for other activities such as studies.

3. It is possible to climb uphill

With manual skateboards, it is nearly impossible to climb up a hill. However, with the invention of electric ones, it is possible to incline them at certain angles to enable climbing. Manual skateboards require a lot of energy to go uphill, and it becomes even more strenuous if your home area has many steep hills. Also, if you skate a manual skateboard on a steep area, you will get tired and will not enjoy the journey. Most importantly, no one wants to arrive at their destination soaked in sweat. Skating uphill with an electric skateboard is thrilling for all teenagers who love fun and adventure.

4. You can switch to manual

Whenever you want to switch from electric to manual mode, one can put off the motor that runs the board. Using the board manually comes in handy whenever you want to try out some few tricks with friends, say in a parking lot or a street alley. Also, in the event the battery runs out, it is possible to get to your destination, but now you have to push the board manually.

5. It is enjoyable

Anyone using a remote controlled skateboard gets to enjoy the fun of riding uphill, in flat areas, and can ride long distances without much effort. An electric skateboard allows you to do less work of pushing and concentrate on enjoying the journey and nature. When riding on an electric skateboard, it almost feels as though you are flying. More so, you get to embrace the future of motorized transportation system.

6. Electric skateboards are eco-friendly

As earlier mentioned, the skateboards can skate longer distances without much effort. Hence, it is possible for teens to skate to school instead of catching a bus or driving their cars to school. By so doing, environmental pollution via emission of gases is reduced. Eventually, if every skater embraces motorized skateboards, it will lead to cleaner cities. Who wouldn’t want that? I guess no one.

7. Getting teens away from the computer screens and into the outdoors

Most parents have at one point complained of their teens spending more time on computer screens playing games and watching their favorite television programs. Most teens in the 21st century rarely interact with nature, but rather prefer staying indoors and getting engrossed with computer screens. Buying them an electric roller skate would be a fun way to get them to go outdoors and have fun skating through the streets, watching birds and even allows them to join skating clubs where they can meet new friends and also learn social skills.

8. Electric skateboards are water resistant

Teenagers can be mischievous and would once in a while want to skate in a puddle of water. The good news is that the skateboards are water resistant and hence, rain or pools of water should not deter you from skating. Of course, if you continuously skate in the water, you would expect that the skateboard will be subject to damage. However, that should not stop you from skating because spare parts are readily available in many shops near you.

9. Easy to use

Most motorized skateboards have options for learners, standard or expert users. If you are a beginner, you need to press the button to show you are a learner. After that, the board will run smoothly and with controlled acceleration. On learner mode, the board skates, on low power to enable the user gain confidence to accelerate on their own. If you are an expert skater on electric skateboards, then you can ride at fast speeds and even try out some stunts.

10. Fast even on flat areas

Most skaters will admit that the most significant challenge is usually skating on a flat area. Manual skateboards are slow on flat areas since you have to push hard for them to move forward. The problem is, however solved by motorized skateboards because they are fast, even on flat surfaces.


Skateboards have witnessed evolution over the years due to technological advancement. Skateboards are now motorized, and this means more benefits, especially for teenagers who love skating. The motorized skateboards are fast and can climb uphill as well as move fast on flat surfaces. Using electric skateboards leads to less emission of gases into the environment. Most importantly, the boards are water resistant and can also be used manually whenever necessary. The skateboards are also user-friendly and do not require pushing hence are easier to use than the manual skateboards. The speeds at which the skateboards can move are also remarkable and are a fun way to get outdoors rather than watching movies or playing computer games all day.


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