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Wrap skirts come with various fashion benefits. Besides being a beautiful addition to a woman’s wardrobe, they flatter all body types. Besides, the simplicity if these wrap skirts makes them an ideal choice for someone who is looking to add a few extra skirts to their wardrobe collection. As the weather warms up, women prefer to steer off any heavy clothing and go for lighter clothing. The wrap around skirt allows you to show off a little leg with the slit option. You can wear the skirt at any occasion and still look fashionable. A few tips to rock your skirt in a stylish way are:

  • Don’t forget the eye-catching details: small details such as the turquoise buckle will naturally attract attention. The buckle lets you adjust to the tightness of your skirt according to your liking.
  • Mix color and pattern: a fun way to invent your own mix and match look is to wear a bold skirt with a different pattern on the top layer. A fitting jacket with accessories completes this stylish look.
  • Trade black for navy: for those who feel comfortable in a work-appropriate style, you can choose a navy skirt instead of the black. It will still result in a sharp look.
  • Select a Luxe fabric: if you want to achieve the desired chic look, then wear suede and leather. A camel colored skirt can be easily worn even during summer. A white top matches well with this skirt.
  • Sport a stamen shoe: the fact that a skirt has a modest length does not mean you cannot flaunt your legs. Wear a statement shoe to draw attention to your legs. You can look for sandals with ling laces or high heeled shoes.

The Ideal Wrap Around Skirt Length

A few factors will come into play when you are choosing the length of your skirt. These are things such as your body shape, the skirt shape and the fashion of the time. The right hemline of your wrap around skirt will depend on your personal preference. However, it would not be advisable to wear a mini skirt if you are past a certain age, are a plus size or have bulky legs. It is best to stick with a hemline that flatters your body shape. The hem should hit the leanest part of your legs. This is usually below or just above the knees.

The pattern size is a factor worth your attention as far as the skirt size is concerned. Avoid a very tight skirt that will distort the skirt patterns by pulling in the wrong places. The other extreme is a very large skirt that looks frumpy on you. All of these situations can alter the appearance of your hemline. Be moderate when choosing the size of your skirt to avoid these extreme looks. They don’t look professional or classy at all.

Different Types of Body Shapes

  • Petite size: women who belong to this group should choose a knee length skirt such as a pencil skirt or the wrap around. Skirts with a slit either at the center or off-center make your legs look younger. Avoid frills because this gives you a chubby look.
  • Apple or pear body shape: look for a skirt that will show off your legs. People will this body shape need the kind of clothing that will draw away from the waistline. Frilly styling such as pleats and darts will not look good on bottom-heavy
  • Top heavy shapes: look for skirts that smoothly even out your top and bottom. Skirts with dropped waists and pleats are also good.
  • Hourglass curves: you will need skirts that have a defined waist. You can also add more style and glamour to this look by wearing skirts with flat fronts.

Hemlines Varieties

The short mini length is a type of hemline that best suits petite size women with short and slim legs. It might not be the appropriate choice for a woman with a large tummy. It is also not a professional outfit to be worn in the workplace.

A skirt that has a hemline just above the knee flatters all body shapes and that is why it is worn by many women. The mid-calf-length makes the legs look short and therefore it best suits tall women.

The maxi length skirt should reach the ankle and is best worn with a semi-fitted top. There is no need for a lot of fabric around the waist. Gypsy style skirts whose hemlines sweep the floor will make a short woman look even shorter and therefore are ideal for tall women.

The Takeaway Point

Wrap around skirts provides you with different and fun ways to show off your unique sense of style. Even though sometimes tying the skirt might prove intimidating, there is no need to fret. Tying the skirt is simple if you watch the online video tutorials available. As long as the skirt is neatly pressed with no wrinkles or ceases, you are set to go.

A little bit of creativity will go a long way in helping you rock your wrap skirt in the most stylish way possible. You might wear it with a colored long sleeve shirt.

The main advantage of these skirts is that you can wear them on any occasion. You do not have to worry about appearing too formal in a casual setting or vice versa. The same cannot be said of other types of skirts. Most ladies will want to wear these skirts when the weather is warm and they feel like they want to show off a bit of leg. All body types can find a wrap around skirt that suits them so the size is not a problem. Choose your wrap design today and enjoy the various fashion benefits that come along. It might also inspire you to add more stylish collections of these skirts to your wardrobe.




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