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When you lead a busy life, it is only natural to yearn for a relaxing escape in an exotic location. While going on vacation with friends and family is something that brings lots of happy memories, sometimes it’s best to go it alone. This could be because you need some quality time to yourself, or because you want a full detox from any stresses that may be affecting you at home. In any case, it can be a truly rewarding experience- but only if you follow the right advice.


Put your safety first


You will likely face a barrage of questions from your loved ones when you tell them about your desire to have a solo retreat. Mainly, these questions will be centered around your safety. There will always be some risks involved with traveling by yourself, but there are precautionary measures you can take. For example, you should never walk down unlit roads alone at night, and you should always keep your travel documents and money close to your body. Often, staying at a resort with other travelers and heightened security is a huge help. It is also imperative that you organize good travel insurance before you depart.



Always book in advance


Unfortunately, booking a vacation as a solo passenger usually means paying more for accommodation than if you are traveling in a group. This means that booking your solo trip in advance is even more important than you might think. Booking long before your departure date allows you to secure the best flight prices and some incredible hotel deals. However, you can save even more money by booking your flights two months prior to departure for short-haul destinations, and six months before travel for far-away locations. Luckily, If you are in dire need of a last-minute trip, you can even find some affordable last minute vacations.


Make long journeys fun


Long journeys are always the worst part of traveling somewhere. When you are with other people, you can pass the time more quickly, and you may require fewer distractions. This is not the same when you are a solo passenger; small talk with friendly strangers can only help for so long. Ideally, you should plan how to pass your journey time before you depart, so that your excitement is never dulled. Popular options include reading an adventure book, learning some of the local language of your destination, and watching your favorite movies on a tablet. Some airlines will offer in-flight entertainment as part of your journey.



Have a technology detox


Almost everyone wishes for some time to detach from their everyday life when they are away. These days, a heavy reliance on technology can distract you from feeling at peace in your new surroundings. Though keeping in touch with family is important, you should consider having a technology detox on your trip. In many ways, this enables you to fully immerse yourself in your destination, and it may prove vital in reducing stress levels. It can be tricky to peel yourself away from your mobile devices, but when you are in a beautiful, picturesque location, you might find that you don’t miss technology at all.


Treat yourself


Getaways are the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax, which is something you might be missing from your usual routine. It isn’t everyday that you get to travel to somewhere new, where there is no one else to influence your decision. This should be all the incentive you need to make the most of your time there and truly indulge. There are many resorts that allow you to do this, but staying at a luxury, adults-only resort often means there is an abundance of relaxing activities at your fingertips. Beachside massages and fruity cocktails are two of many things you can expect to see.



Don’t plan every moment


There is temptation when you are traveling to fill every second of your trip with activities. Planning too much can make you feel more stressed than you should be in a vibrant, new destination, and it can also result in you missing out on some once in a lifetime moments. When you are planning, you should make sure to allocate time to seeing some tourist hotspots, but leaving at least a couple hours a day of free time is recommended. When this free time comes around, you can use it to lounge on sandy shores, watch a colorful sunset, or meet some fellow travelers.


Consider an extended trip


During your retreat, it is likely that you will meet other, like-minded people, who you want to spend more time with. If your day job allows, you should consider extending your trip, so that you can satisfy your travel bug and continue meeting interesting people. Having a longer retreat can be extremely rewarding, as you can overcome lots of personal fears and worries by traveling alone. It could be that you choose to stay in the same location you landed in, as it may have captured your heart. Others find that they can explore neighbouring countries to get an insight into different landscapes and cultures. Whatever you decide, you should always remember to take your camera along with you.



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