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The Jackson Whites have released their new Christmas 2018 single, Dressed To Get Naked. The track builds upon the down and dirty rock of the 1970s, bringing in hints of blues, funk, and soul in the instrumental mix. We’re in love with the slightly gritty, incredibly charismatic vocals that sit on the top of the track. The instrumentation laid down here by The Jackson Whites is similarly intense. Fans will have to play Dressed To Get Naked multiple times to hear everything that has been inserted in the track. The distinct sections of this single further bolster the replay potential of the single; the stylistic shift that occurs at the 2:30 mark makes for a wholly different sound than originally greeted listeners. The lead-out for the track links together War, Frank Zappa, and even Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes.

Where one may think that the sheer range of styles and approaches utilized by The Jackson Whites would lead to a muddied effort in this song, the skill of the band is such that everything joins together to make a cohesive song, a comprehensive take on popular music from the last fifty years. Through the five-plus minute run time of Dressed To Get Naked, the band is able to put their fingerprints on each notes. For more information about the act, check out their Facebook; additional information about Jersey Delta Records can be found at the link for the label. 

Dressed To Get Naked is a welcome addition to the corpus of holiday tunes. Unlike many Christmas tracks, The Jackson Whites’ latest can be enjoyed throughout the year. Let us know what you think about this cut below. 

Rating: 8.5/10

The Jackson Whites – Dressed To Get Naked / Jersey Delta Records / 5:28

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