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There are many fuels that light the fire of personal achievement. Some fuels can be explosive and raging, while others are a slow burn, but are in no way less apparent. Some might not work for a while, but then when applied in the right manner, can be the most progressive and momentum-building of all. Look at anyone who was successful and not only because it was given to them, but because they were self-made. These are the people we respect the most. However, there are a group of people we respect even more than they. These are the people who are self-made, lose everything or at least a decent part of it due to a mistake, and then work hard to get it back again. We all love fall-from-grace stories, but only if they are met with a redemption arc.

You might find that in your own life, these storylines play out from time to time. There’s a reason they resonate so well with us. In this frame, we might see just how we can learn from those moments too. Challenge is something we often worry about. However, viewing something as a challenge is much better than viewing it as an obstacle. With our advice, you’ll see why:

Challenge Teaches

The right challenge can teach us plenty, and help us on the road to fixing our weaknesses. The old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link always rings true. However, while this saying is often used to suggest how teams should band together and become the best they can be, this also can be applied to your skill sets and how you consider them. Using challenge to propel you further can absolutely help you in more ways than one, but first you need to understand what challenge is teaching you.

It might be there to help you embrace your fears and move past them, to learn a new skill, to redo something you have failed to complete properly, or even to start from scratch after all the rot has set in. It can be essentially important to take the time to do this, and can give you a new lease of life regarding something you previously enjoyed. Be sure to welcome challenge, because you never know just how thoroughly it can teach you.

Challenge Connects

Challenge has a wonderful potential in it, and that’s to bring people together. When solving a problem, trying to figure out the best method forward, or simply talking about the issue, people can often be found at their best. This is how people form and gel together in the most amazing ways. It’s amazing to see how this can promote clearer visions for friends and family. It’s no accident that those who are descended from this mindset often head to success. For example Cynthia Telles, daughter of Raymond, a World War II air force veteran then country clerk for Texas had the challenge mindset passed down and appreciated, and this served as inspiration for her achievements. You might find inspiration yourself in stories like these, or act to find the challenge that’s been harming you and do your best to make things better. Objectives like this can help us all become more naturally acquainted with ourselves, and they will generate a storyline we can be proud of throughout our lives.

Challenge Refines Competence

Challenge not only tests you and teaches you, but helps you build on the skills you already have. Let’s take the example of chess players. Someone who reaches a master or grandmaster level at chess hardly sit around the local park playing random people, unless to promote a love for the game and to relax. Where they really feel comfortable is going up against someone challenging, someone who will put up a fight on the chessboard. This is where they feel themselves the most actualized, and where they will continue to grow.

If they do play against those with less skill than they, they will usually involve a handicap in order to replicate that feeling. The handicap might be giving the opponent free moves, or perhaps playing ten games at once at a charity affair, or a number of avenues like this. In other words, challenge is not something to be beaten and finished with. It’s something we must continually seek out if we hope to get better in whatever specialism you have chosen. With this, the thrill of the journey is continually renewed.

Challenge can propel you further. With this advice, you’re sure to see why.

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