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The video showcases an animated style with a tremendous amount of gravity present. The central crux of the video’s narrative concerns the presence of an animal and the tension that is present when one’s life situation changes. The animated style of Please Don’t Go is unique and draws upon the animation of the mid-1990s. Taken together, these two elements (aural and visual) combine to provide a considerable amount of gravitas to the effort. Over the course of the song’s six-minute run time, viewers will be able to identify with the feelings that the main couple feel as they have to move on from their domicile.

We covered World Void Web a number of times in the past, including their videos for We The Fragmented and One, The World Over. We have also conducted an interview with WVW in the past. We have written a pair of reviews about the Memories in Raindrops single and Think Void album.

World Void Web – Please Don’t Go / Domain / SoundCloud

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