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AceQuared is able to create an alluring R&B / pop track in his current single, Empty. The passion and charisma that is exuded during this effort will have listeners hanging on every world. A sedate, soft sound to the introductory minute or so of the composition gradually increases into something incredibly catchy. The dynamism of Empty is perhaps the key reason why AceQuared will garner massive airplay for his latest single. The hint of EDM that is incorporated into Empty’s chorus keeps the momentum high as listeners continue on with the single. The production of the single ensures that the vocals and synths are able to shine alone or as contributing to a much greater composition when considered together. The synths and vocals make for an effort that will get listeners out on the dance floor. With nods to storied performers like Ne*Yo, Chris Brown, and Jason DeRulo, AceQuared is able to make the song fit well in pop rotation. A bit harder of a flow (think Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West) is precisely what is needed to ensure that the single is able to end as emphatically as the song began.

We’re excited to hear more from AceQuared in the months and years to come. With such a large splash made with Empty, it would not be surprising if we see the performer rocketing up the charts through the first quarter of 2018. Let us know at NeuFutur what you think about Empty; a Spotify stream has been included to check the cut out front and center.

Rating: 8.6/10

AceQuared – Empty / 2018 Self Released | Q&A Records / 3:32 / Instagram

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