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Do you need ideas for items you love, but cheap for your wedding registry? Check out items you can add on a wedding gift list that is amazingly cheap!

A lot of couples have a hard time coming up with a wedding registry filled with their choice items- and fit the pockets of their guests at the same time. This may be the case of your wedding registry at the moment and you need help to create that balance. First off, get a wedding registry checklist printable online and fill in wedding gifts you wish you got.

Following our list of top cheap wedding registry ideas, you can tick all cheap, yet unique ones- even gifts under $20 and $50! Go through this post and you will be super saved from saying “items I wish I put on my wedding registry”! Now, let’s talk about the top 15 cheap ideas for your wedding registry!


Ninja Mega Kitchen system blender/food processor is a top Amazon wedding registry item couples can’t do without. It has a pitcher, a processing bowl. It also has a cup for smoothies, dough and more.

For couples who are health enthusiasts, this is a very important wedding registry item. One they cannot do without around the home. Great for blending juices, fruits, vegetables, smoothies and all that.

Price: $147.35


Cuisinart Stainless Steel Programmable Slow Cooker is one of the best wedding present Amazon wedding registry has. Such great feeling getting in after a long day and you don’t have to thaw your food… Because your slow cooker kept it warm.

This slow cooker keeps your food warm for 24 hours. It is programmable with digital timer and has three cooking modes! One of the most unique wedding registry ideas.

Price: $99.95,


A Marin 16 piece matte dinnerware set from crate and barrel is quite cheap for the quality it offers. Dinner is fun and stylish with these assortments of dinnerware. If you love to cook or host people in your home, you should have a set of this. It is durable and never goes out of style.

Price: $135.20.


Do you and your special one love waffles and cannot wait to get it in your mouths? This Cuisinart classic round waffle maker from bed bath and beyond should sit on your registry list. It makes a huge waffle real fast and in one swoop! What’s more, it comes with its own recipe book. Help for people and couples who want new ways and styles to spice up their waffle treats!

Price: $27.99


Something soft, cozy and lush is the Windsor reversible down alternative scotch Gard comforter set. Made from 100% polyester and designed to keep you absolutely warm, comfortable and relaxed for a great night rest… This is one of the most important wedding registry essentials. As long as you go to bed at night, you cannot do without it. And for the pleasure and satisfaction it offers, it comes quite cheap from Walmart.

Price: $29 – $57


As a couple, if you eat, cook or host, flatware are must-have wedding registry items. You cannot just ignore them. Check out Hollis 74 piece flatware set by Oneida on Wayfair. It is a masterpiece set made up of dinner spoons, soup spoons, forks, table knives and all.

Price: $79.99


For your wedding registry honeymooner, a handheld steamer is one of the things to put on a honeymoon registry. Of course, you cannot go on your honeymoon with a pressing iron, but you deserve to always look good for those outings and dates.

Secure your handheld steamer in your luggage and use it to save those rumpled clothes while on your honeymoon. Stretching your clothes do not always have to involve hotness and danger. A cheap Steamer 2019 luxury edition from Amazon to the rescue!

Price: $37.99


Guests can snag up a set of personalized Mr. and Mrs. Wedding wine glasses on bed bath and beyond. This is a wedding gift under 20 dollars. They are durable, stylish, cheap, and gives you all the fun of having a drink together with your significant other.

Price: $18.99


This is another perfect fit for a wedding registry under $20. Check out the Mr. and Mrs. 2018 apron by magnificent rose on Amazon. If you and your special one love to cook, you will not leave this out of your wedding registry list.

They even come with pockets where you can put your gadgets or other materials while cooking.

Price: $9.67


For a 50 dollar wedding gift, a Berkshire sweater knit reversible faux fur blanket is ideal. This item from bed bath and beyond is super soft, warm and cozy. These are things newlyweds need to enjoy their bonding even in the cold outdoors.

Price: $24 99


A set of nerdy wedding mug set from Etsy is the perfect geeky houseware you can find. They are fanciful, sturdy and stylish. A geeky couple can now enjoy their beverages together, without fighting about who owns what cup.  The geek community is duly represented with these nerdy mug set.

Price: $26.00


We are putting this into the minimalist registry! As a minimalist couple, you would surely have a simple wedding registry. One filled with items that have dual or more purposes to avoid clutter in your home. Well, you’re in luck with Simply Calphalon Nonstick 10 Piece Cookware Set from Amazon.

It is safe for cooking, frying, roasting and even baking. It is microwave, gas, and electricity friendly. Cooking sets are perfect wedding gifts for minimalists.

Price: $149.99


Carhartt tool tote bag on Amazon is a mandatory item for a gardening wedding registry. Couples who love gardening will need an ideal garden tote bag that has space for all their work tools. This tote bag keeps your tools close by and all in one place. It even has spaces for your water bottle and sunscreen protection.

Price: $46.10


For couples cohabiting, add the American Tourister field brook 4pc luggage set to your list. A set of luggage is a unique wedding registry ideas for couples living together. This is so because you probably combined resources and have almost everything you need in your home. But after your wedding, you need a getaway honeymoon.

A set of luggage is something you can never have too much of. Ideal wedding gifts!

Price: $71.36


Home building registry is one out of many alternative wedding gift registry ideas. This way, guests donate to buying or building you a house, if you have a housing project. This is mainly for couples who do not want to have the regular registries but want to channel theirs to a more pressing cause.

You may also decide on funds for the honeymoon, gift cards or anything. There are many sites that allow alternative wedding registries you can check up online

Coming up with a cheap wedding registry does not have to be difficult. Again, you don’t have to trade what you want for what is cheap. You can have a simple wedding registry with all what you want, all within a cheap budget. Browse through our post and make your pick. We assure you that you will love your gifts!

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