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It’s just coming to the end of winter and between long dark nights and the freezing cold, we’re looking forward to some sun and warmth. Among the cold season though there has been a flurry of new fashion trends and interesting items to add to your wardrobe for the end of winter and the coming spring/summer season. Now is the time to start planning and build out your wardrobe for summer so you aren’t panicking the first day the sun comes out because you only have winter coats and big thick jumpers to wear. Keep reading to discover our predictions and what we have already seen will be everywhere this summer season.

1. Oversized hats

If you’ve been scrolling through your newsfeed in the last 6 months you will no doubt have noticed that trend to large hats. These were massively popular in the spring and summer seasons of  2018, and this trend looks to be continuing into 2019. The Jacquemus La Bomba hat was a huge hit last year and now brands are fighting it out to be the hat of this year. Check out some best sellers at Boots and Bags heaven for your perfect hat today.

2. Everyday shorts

Last year was the year of the smaller short, with cycling shorts being seen everywhere. This can be a difficult look to pull off, and some of us are glad to see that this trend is on the decline in favour of the slightly more baggy short. Look for anything that is around knee length and tailored for your summer pick this year as an alternative to your skirt selection this summer.

3. Pleats

Another trend that we saw last year that is continuing this year, tight pleats are still being worn everywhere. This year we’ve seen the more towards an even tighter pleat, in for form of micro pleats, and with a far more intricate design.

4. Tie-dye

This may be a more surprising trend compared to the rest of this list, but be sure that tie-dye is back and here for the year. This classic 60s look has been refined from the Woodstock days, and has taken on a for more chick design. If you’re searching for something to make a more traditional look pop and stand out, accents of tie-dye may be just what you’re looking for.

5. Flats are back

While everyone loves a good heel, we’ve seen a more sensible, although no less interesting look in the last few months. Many people have been ditching their heels in favour of delicately decorated flats, meaning that you can be both stylish and comfortable this summer.

6. Waterproofs

Especially if you are in Europe, you’ll know that even the summer months can be unpredictable when it comes to the weather. A quick change can make for a ruined outfit and day very easily. Carry a summer waterproof (and maybe some wellington boots) around with you to make sure you’re prepared for any weather this summer.

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