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On Blueberry Fireworks, Anana Kaye is able to refresh the style of performers like Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks and Tori Amos. The emotive and touching vocals are paired alongside pianos and drums that accentuate every lyric. With a bit of 1960s soul that is whipped into the mix on Blueberry Fireworks, Kaye is able to reach the widest possible collection of fans. A stellar production ensures that each of the sections of Kaye’s latest is able to shine brightly while contributing to a cohesive whole. This mid-tempo track is kept interesting through intricate bass lines and multiple vocal layers.

Blueberry Fireworks is able to pack a good amount of style and substance into its four-plus minute run time. With glorious instrumental interlude and sultry, smoothed out vocals becoming more commonplace in the single’s second half, fans will be as eager and energetic hearing the final few seconds of the track as they were when Kaye began her latest. The false finish that confronts listeners at around the 3:25 mark is a nice change-up, giving Kaye another opportunity to showcase the skillful marriage of instrumentation and inimitable vocals.


Kaye’s Blueberry Fireworks is given an entirely different context when one delves into the video (embedded below). Everything – the variety of scenes down to the color choices utilized in the visuals – provides a further layer of depth to what is already a heady effort.

We’ve covered a trio of Kaye’s singles in the past for NeuFutur, including her American Smile, Carolina, and Ain’t Dead Yet. Check out her domain and social media profiles for additional information about the performer, links to her music, and the latest in breaking news. Let us know what you think about Anana Kaye’s latest in the comments section.

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