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Did you spend those long winter months dreaming of sunny summer beach days?  Do your dreams come true by sinking your toes in the sand and gazing at the waves hitting the shore?

Good news for you, it’s finally almost beach season. Time to start planning how you can spend your weekends on the coast or arrange that summer vacation at the beach. 

How can you make a beach day even more perfect? Come with the right gear for a relaxing day of fun in the sun. Consider these items to put on your list of beach gear to make for a perfect day of surf, sand, and memories. 

Beach Tent

Are you sun sensitive, but still love the beach experience? What about if you have a baby or toddler who you want to keep protected from those strong rays of the sun?  

One beach must have is the beach tent. It is bigger and offers a sturdier, fuller coverage than the just a beach umbrella. 

One option is Coleman’s DayTripper Beach Shade Tent. It offers UV-guard technology and a zip door for added beach privacy if you need a quick change of clothes. 

Another option is Lovin’ Summer’s beach canopy. Made from 100% cotton canvas. It blocks 97% of UV rays using its integrated Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF).

Beach Mat, Sunglasses and Sun Hat

Consider grabbing this beach gear by hitting up your local beach shop. Your beach bag must-haves include a towel,  sunscreen, and sunglasses, of course.  If you don’t want to loose your sunglasses on the beach, go to

Bring along your sunhat to protect your skin from those strong sun rays. Also, be sure to pack your beach mat.

The CGear Sand-Free MultiMat is perfect to keep all that sand from taking over your towels, bags and other beach gear. The water-resistant outdoor blanket will keep you from getting sand where it just doesn’t belong. 

Beach Safe

You have had it happen before. You want to take a stroll down the beach or spend an hour playing in the waves. But you worry about leaving your valuables unsupervised. One of the best beach accessories to solve that very problem is the beach safe. 

Bring along the AquaVault Portable Safe. It is priced just under $40 and offers a programmable rental grade lock to keep your valuables safe on the beach.

Attach it to your beach chair and go to play in the waves without worrying your valuables will disappear. 

Waterproof Camera

What better way to permanently save the memories of splashing in the waves than with a waterproof camera?

Consider the Fujifilm FinePix XP130 for an inexpensive point and shoot option to capture the perfect water shots. 

For a more durable option that could go from the beach to winter skiing and then onto fall hiking in the mountains, try the Olympus Tough! TG-5.

While more pricey than the previous option, it offers a wide range of features and it is tough. Built to handle any adventure you can throw at it, this one will handle the water, cold, heat and any vacation in between. 

Cooler and Coasters

On the list of beach must-haves is a good cooler to keep your drinks cold for the day. How about the YETI Hopper. Carry it likes a purse on your shoulder, it’ll keep your ice frozen the whole day and your drinks ready to refresh you from the hot sun. 

If you want something bigger, how about the Coleman 60 quart cooler with a pull handle and wheels for easy transport to the beach. The cooler can hold up to 94 cans and has four built-in drink holders in lid. It’s priced around $40.

Once at the beach, there is nothing worse than sand in your ice cold drink.

Bring along a few of the Turtlebacks beach coasters. The four prongs easily slide into the sand while keeping your drinks and food from getting a sandy bottom. 

Reading Material

Nothing better than toes in the sand, surf splashing in the background and good book. There are few ways to better lose yourself in total relaxation that reading a good book. Doing it on the beach is an added bonus. 

Consider the new Kindle Paperwhite that is waterproof and features the high-resolution display perfect for those sunny days at the beach. Priced starting at $129.99, it comes with either 8GB or 32GB of memory and a battery lasting weeks. It will carry all your beach reads in one lightweight device that you don’t have to worry about getting ruined by the water. 

Water Toys

If you are going to spend the day in the sand, you must bring along the beach and water toys. Throw in your perennially popular beach football or frisbee. 

While they are the rage for a pool party, they’d also be a big hit at the beach too. Consider a giant blow-up float. They come in animal shapes like a peacock, pelican or flamingo. Would there be a more fun way to spend the day than floating with your toes in the water than on a giant pink flamingo?

If you are bringing the family, don’t forget the bag of sand toys for a day of castle creating and memory making.

Waterproof Speaker

What’s a day at the beach without some music? If you are meeting friends, hanging out, tossing the frisbees around, you need some jams. Maybe you are even throwing a beach party and want some party jams. best beach accessories.

Consider the S-Box’s Premium Portable Bluetooth Smart Speaker, with its 12-hour battery life, plays with clear sound. It offers a hands-free microphone so you can also answer a call from your phone hands-free. 

Want a speaker that doesn’t need your phone to work? Consider Drifter, the wireless and waterproof speaker. It runs with an Android operating system and offers 16GB of memory to store music. The cool thing about this speaker? It’ll even float in the water with you, so you can take your music along for your swim. 

Beach Wagon

While a day at the beach can be filled with fun and relaxation, hands-down the worst part of the day is schlepping all the beach gear to and from your spot by the water. 

This is in an investment well worth its cost. Consider the DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Quest Folding Utility Beach Wagon. Priced around $100, it has a strong steel frame and larger wheels to traverse the uneven sand. While in use it can haul those chairs, towels and other beach gear.

When not in use, it collapses for easy travel in the back of the car. 

Best Beach Gear of the Season

Are you ready for your day at the beach? Get your beach gear packed and ready to make some summer memories. 

Want more travel ideas? Visit us at NeuFutur Magazine for more fun ideas to fill up your 2019 summer. 

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