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This is a question that is asked a lot by people who are interested in starting this unique and powerful way of working out and building muscle. We feel very confident in saying a resounding, ‘YES!’ to this question. Some may not agree, however, which is why we will list our reasons for feeling this way below:

1. There Are Competitions

Many people classify a sport as something that you can compete in. While power lifting is not a traditional team sport played on a field, it is definitely an event that has a lot of competitions. Power lifting competitions happen all over the world, and the competition can be very fierce. This is even a sport that is featured in the Olympics. We feel that once something has become an official Olympic event, there can really be very little debate about whether or not it can be classified as a sport.

2. It Takes Great Skill

Power lifting is not something that just anyone can do! It involves a lot more than just lifting some weights. There are strict procedures and important methods to follow to avoid injury. There are also important pieces of equipment that need to be used in order for things to be done correctly. This selection of gear can be found at most gyms, and should not be ignored or replaced with other items if you really want to be part of the power lifting world.

3. There Are Dedicated Power Lifting Coaches

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Just as in any other sport, power lifting has dedicated coaches. Their job is to help you increase your weights over time in a safe way. They are there to push you to get better and stronger, and to ensure that you have good form. They can also help you create the right workout routines for you to reach your personal goals. Different exercises work different muscle groups, and without the help of a certified power lifting coach, you could end up taking longer to achieve your goals than you want, or even causing injuries.

4. It Takes Time

There are no MVPs of any sport that can simply walk on the field and perform well without putting in the work of the field. Power lifting is no different. It takes a lot of practice and concentration to do well. For those who want to compete in this sport, they must work hard and put in hours and hours of practice and sweat.

While power lifting is definitely very different from many of the other sports, it absolutely fits the bill for what an official sport is. The competitions are real and intense. The skills cannot be achieved without practice and attention. Coaches are ready to show you the right things to do- just as coaches of any other sport will do. It is not something that can be mastered in a short amount of time. All of these things qualify power lifting as an exciting and challenging member of the Sports Family.

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