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It’s no question as to whether 2019’s sneaker trends are taking a futuristic turn. With out-there colors, chunky silhouettes, and alien-inspired metallics, fashion designers are making moon shoes cool.

These trends can be daunting, but rest assured, you’ll be catching the eyes of everyone around you in these styles!

Here we break down the best sneakers of 2019 so you can upgrade your shoe game.

Sneaker Trends 2019

Chunky Dad Sneakers

An ode to your dad’s 90s sneakers, these shoes have made serious strides in the fashion world.

These shoes are characterized by their chunky giant sole. Last year, we saw these stand-out shoes in more neutral, earth-toned colors. This year, designers are taking on bolder, brighter colors and patterns.

Balenciaga sneakers are embracing this dad shoe trend, yet again, in a myriad of colors and shapes.

Metallic Tones

Reflective metal tones like silver, gold, and rose gold are reappearing in our best fashion sneakers this year. These statement colors are being used on equally unique sneaker silhouettes for a serious beast sneaker.

Bright & Bold

With the neon trend in full force, it’s no surprise that these colors are being translated to the 2019’s sneakers.

Neon dad sneakers, trail shoes, and high-tops are all a great way to pull off this trend casually while embracing runway fashion.

Pair it with a bright nail and you’re good to go!

Buckle Detailing

Buckles aren’t just confined to the emo-goth crowd anymore! Runways have embraced this trend heavily in 2019. Buckled sneakers are just another bulky element fitting to the chunky-everything sneaker trend this year.

Bonus points for metallic buckles that encompass this year’s metallic tone trends.

The Best Sneakers: White Sneaker Trend

It may be a comfort to many that, amidst these stand-out trends, the minimalistic white sneaker still going strong.

The best thing about the white sneaker trend is that it virtually goes with any shoe silhouette and outfit, making it a closet staple.


This disco, 70s-inspired print is making an appearance on the runway, not only in clothing, but shoes as well.

Incorporating this fashion trend into your sneakers creates a statement piece to spice up any ensemble.

Animal Print

While we’ve seen animal print mostly manifest on boots, heels, and sandals, it’s also appearing in sneakers.

Combined with a chunky dad sneaker or lace-up espadrilles, this animal print oozes a sexy, yet laid-back vibe.

Stand-Out Shoes For Every Personality

With the wide variety of prints, colors, silhouettes, and shapes of the best sneakers this year, you’re sure to find a sneaker that perfectly suits you.

Continuing from the previous year, chunky dad shoes are still the go-to sneaker for 2019!

If vivid and striking colors and prints just aren’t your cup of tea, fear not, the white sneaker trend is still here to stay.

The sneaker is a staple in every fashionista’s closet and keeping up on these trends is every year is key to maintaining an on-trend closet. To keep up with all the latest fashion, don’t forget to check out Neufutur Magazine.

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