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Pouring with a hazy goldenrod coloration and a fair amount of whitish head, this Hazy Double IPA from Ecliptic and Firestone Walker is incredibly well-balanced. The beer is able to take up equal parts from traditional West Coast India Pale Ale and modern juicy IPA styles. This means there are solid notes of pine resin, tropical fruits, and wheat elements that gradually come into focus as one continues along with each 500 mL bottle.

As this iteration of the Five Years / Five Beers release continues to warm to room temperature, one will be able to pick up additional notes of stone fruits and malt. The ABV of this brew is masterfully hidden; each potential sharpness (from the hops to the aforementioned alcohol bite) is pitted against the other big flavors. Eminently drinkable, Ecliptic and Firestone Walker have created something that goes down extremely easy. Make sure to source out your own bottle of FY/FB before they disappear from store shelves.

Rating: 8.0/10

We’ve previously covered Ecliptic’s Orange Giant barleywine a few years back. Ecliptic is releasing a set of brews through the year with Breakside, Bell’s, and Russian River to celebrate their 5-year anniversary. Check out their main domain or social media profiles for further information for this promotion.

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