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Ecliptic has just released Sedna, their imperial, tiramisu-flavored stout. The nose of Sedna is heavy on the toasted malt with just hints of a sweeter side evident before one cracks into the brew. The 8.5% ABV of Sedna is masterfully hidden. Hints of bitterness peek through at points, making this the perfect effort to quaff while eating strongly-flavored fare (Thai, Greek) or cheeses and charcuterie. Sedna does not move into the cloying sweetness that many breweries fall into when they attempt a dessert / pastry stout. With this offering, Ecliptic refines the traditional stout into a high art form. Pegging the ABV at this mark ensures that Sedna stays coherent from the second that one cracks a bottle until the moment when they drain its last drips. Only a small amount of lacing is present here, providing little bits of off-white foam as one continues to work on each 16.9 ounce bottle.

For those looking for a deeper complexity and a bit of additional fire from Sedna, Ecliptic has made available limited quantities of a barrel-aged variant. Spending a hair under a year in whiskey barrels, this stout packs a bit more heat at 11.5% ABV.

We previously covered Five Years / Five Beers from Ecliptic and Firestone Walker and Ecliptic’s Orange Giant barleywine. Let us know what you think about Sedna in the comments below. We’ll be stocking up on this stout to have a store for when the winter thaw begins. Check out Ecliptic’s Facebook and Twitter for information about the full range of beers that the company offers and the latest news about the brewery.

Rating: 9/10

Sedna (Tiramisu Stout) / 8.5% ABV / Facebook / Twitter

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