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Do you like to take your dog(s) with you when you travel? If it breaks your heart to leave them in a kennel with concrete floors, chain link fences, along with the sights and sounds of dozens of other dogs but you don’t want them ruining your vacation either, there is an answer to your dilemma.

Alternately, maybe you just don’t want them barking at all hours of the night and day every time a squirrel runs across the top of the fence. Again, there is an answer, and it’s one you don’t even have to be there to use.

We’re talking about shock collars of course, and they’ve gone high tech. MerchDope carries a wide and interesting variety of them for you to peruse at your leisure, but for now, let’s cover some of the high points.

Remote Control

Everything has gone wireless or has remote controls these days. From wireless headphones to the controller for your TV and cable, wireless is the trend. Dog shock collars are no exception.

The remote controls have a range from a few hundred feet up to more than a mile. Even the best dog will occasionally take off after a rabbit or cat and be out of range of your voice before you know it. After that you’re stuck wandering endlessly up and down the streets in your neighborhood calling for them until your throat is sore, only to return home and find them sitting on the doorstep looking at you as if to ask where you’ve been.

A remote control puts an end to that once and for all. The moment your faithful pooch takes off like a shot, you can push a button to send out a radio signal at the speed of light (literally) to deliver a quick and painful reminder to them not to run away. A shock collar is not intended to be used as a punishment, and it won’t do any lasting harm to your dog, but the quick zap on their throat will definitely get their attention.

Training Your Dog

A well-mannered dog doesn’t happen by accident. Dogs have different personalities. Some are friendlier and easier to train than others, but without training, even the mildest mannered dog will eventually turn into an uncontrollable mutt, a demon of doggy demolition. A shock collar is one instrument in your toolbox to prevent that from happening.

Professionals all agree that a step-by-step training program is necessary for any dog. A key ingredient in that program is a system of positive and negative reinforcements. Small treats, hugs, and affectionate “Good boy!” or “Good girl!” make up the positive reinforcements. Every correct behavior needs to be rewarded on a consistent basis when you start the training regime. indicates that a slap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper is a standard negative reinforcement whenever your pet does something wrong. Dogs are smart though. They’ll soon interpret any rolled up object as a threat or potential threat and cringe the moment they see it.

A shock collar though is something you put on them and they wear it 24/7. The only time it hurts them is when you press the button while saying “No!” or “Down!” or some other command. They learn just as quickly from a shock as a slap on the nose and you don’t have to chase them down to administer it.

Using CBD Oil

Cannabinol or CBD oil is made from hemp, the cannabis plant but it does not contain the psychoactive ingredients that make pot users feel “high”. This is a completely safe medicine that can be used on cats and dogs.

Your pets will often display irritability or a bad temper when they’re not feeling well, the same as people do. CBD oil is useful for treating pain. It also has anti-anxiety properties and can provide anti-inflammatory relief for your pets.

CBD oil has been tested on dogs and the studies show usefulness in treating a number of canine conditions such as arthritis, nausea, seizures, gastrointestinal problems, and pain.

How to Use CBD Oil

The recommended dosage is 1mg of oil for 10 pounds of your dog’s weight. CBD comes in several different forms but the oil can be put in their food or administered directly on their skin where it will be absorbed into their system.

Start off with a low dosage. Keep a close eye on your pet. If they respond well to it you can gradually increase the dose until their symptoms have been relieved.

If you are looking for more information on giving CBD Oil to your dog I recommend you check out this article which covers it in more detail.

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