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Byron BT Wireless Headphones (Beyerdynamic)

Beyerdynamic’s Byron BT Wireless Headphones are quite possibly the best sub-$100 wireless earbuds we’ve reviewed at NeuFutur. While small in size, the Byron BT Wireless Headphones provide a full sound that equally well capture gaming, news, and music beats with the greatest of ease.The Bluetooth Connection is simple to utilize, making it a jiffy to pair the device and move remotely, should one want to use the Byron BTs in a workout or while needing a complete range of movement. The battery life of the headset is pretty substantial, allowing for about 7 to 8 hours of continuous play before they need to be re-charged. To ensure that one is removed from their broadcasting apparatus, Beyerdynamic has included remote controls on the Byron BT to deal with the volume, skip songs, and to pause the playback. We were able to immediately use the Byron BT headset without much (if any) of the way of burn in; bassy rap songs, complex progressive metal tracks, and the most vocal-based podcasts sounded as complete and as rich as they would be on a set of desktop speakers. There are a set of eartips that Beyerdynamic provides to give purchasers greater customization; one should check out which one of the three sizes work perfectly for them before going out in public to use the earbuds.

We were quite happy at the inclusion of hooks to make for a tighter connection between the Byron BT headphones and the user, as it is a terribly common occurrence for us to have one (or both) sides pop out of our ears when using competing Bluetooth headphones. The design of the Byron BT is such that one could easily stash them in a workout bag, purse, or car without running into damage; they are meant to take a bit of a beating and will serve a purchaser admirably for quite a few years. For additional information about the entirety of products that Beyerdynamic offers, the company’s domain is a great repository. For those that want to pay a small price while getting a huge sound, the Byron BT wireless headphones should be your first look. Expect to spend about $100 for the headphones from your favorite online retailer.

Rating: 9.2/10

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