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Photo editing software technology is continually evolving. If you look at early versions of programs such as Luminar and Lightroom, they are vastly different to the latest builds available today. Part of this evolution involves artificial intelligence. Luminar’s Accent AI technology is a prime example of this. Using Accent AI, users can seamlessly and easily edit their photos with minimal effort. This can help you combine pictures and process large volumes of snaps in no time at all.

In this article, we look at what Accent AI can offer. We also look at plans for 2019 and what else you can expect from Skylum’s products.    

AI Technology is becoming an integral part of photo editing

In recent years we have seen a boom in artificial intelligence technologies. AI is being used in various different industries such as marketing, analytics, and eCommerce. It is perhaps making the largest impact in the digital editing industry however as seen with Lightroom alternatives such as Luminar and Aurora HDR.

AI can bring a whole new level of automation and intelligent thinking to the editing process. It can quicken many of the time-consuming tasks and help speed up the time required to edit photos. Advanced algorithms are used to analyze photos and formulate improvements based on the current parameters within the photo – it really is an interesting process. As time progresses, AI technology should improve and we should only see increased usage of it in editing software.

Skylum look to improve their own AI implementation and bolster their editing software with Accent AI

Skylum understands the power of AI. This is why they are implementing improved AI technology in their editing software. You can see in the developer road map a full list of future implementations, but the below provides an outline of what you can expect in the second part of 2019:

Accent AI technology for Lumina

Accent AI 2.0 is the latest installment of artificial intelligence for the Luminar photo editing software. Using this enhancement tool, you can improve your photos in a few clicks – the results are instant – your photo will be transformed in a matter of seconds.

Using Accent AI 2.0, you can enhance the following:

– Tone
– Detail
– Exposure
– Depth
– Color
– Saturation

Literally all you have to do is select the enhancement and adjust the slider – Accent AI will do the work for you. Aside from color and depth, Accent AI also analyzes humans in your photos. It will then create a realistic enhancement that reflects the people within the photo.

Skylum aims to push the use of Accent AI so that eventually it can replace conventional RAW editing processes. Consider the time you will save if you can create the same end results in just a few clicks. When editing RAW photos traditionally, you have to take many steps.

For example, you have to manually adjust the contrast, color saturation, highlights & shadows, and clarity. Adjusting each of these sliders and finding the correct balance can be time-consuming. This problem is compounded when you have a catalog of photos to edit. You could literally spend hours editing just a handful of images. Accent AI can effectively give the same end results, in a fraction of the time.

Granted, some photos do require additional attention – Accent AI, however, can still help provide the basic edit, so you can then concentrate on any extra details you require. Using the Accent AI technology, photographers can give more time and effort to other areas of their business such as photoshoot ideas and finding new work opportunity – less time spent editing, means more time bringing the work in!

Hidden features, performance and more

Aside from accent AI, Skylum is working on other AI technologies too. In the near future, you can expect further details to be released. The aim is to improve the editing process for users and help them create astounding photos with ease.

Performance is also a key area of improvement for the developers. Programs such as Luminar and Aurora HDR already have excellent performance. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement however. Finally, Windows users can expect in the future to have support for a greater range of RAW formats and camera models.

Nothing is certain, and developments can change, but AI should certainly play an important role in future Luminar updates.

Improve the editing process and boost your efficiency

Accent AI should certainly make an impact on the editing process. If you have limited time, this could be the perfect solution for your editing tasks. Furthermore, it can allow you to batch edit photos if you have a backlog to work through. 2019 is certainly set to be an exciting year for Skylum and the Luminar editing software!

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