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Starting a new life after overcoming your addiction can be quite difficult in a very unsupportive environment. In such an environment, being a drug dependent can sometimes be considered as a stigma that you will carry everywhere, even if you have overcome your addiction. This can make it hard for you to start anew, much less, reclaim your life. Getting that decent life before that tragic fall from grace may sound like a lot of work, but can still be achieved if you just have courage and perseverance. Another important factor is your support line: your family and your good friends. Here are just a few tips for reclaiming your life after overcoming an addiction.


Acceptance is the first key to the treatment of addiction and to your subsequent recovery. On a personal level, once you accept the fact that you have made a mistake and have done harm to yourself, you are open to options for treatment. You can then seek spiritual counseling, find a drug rehab and look for ways to stand up again and reintegrate into society.

As you go outside the rehab to continue your recovery, it is then time to make an acceptance of an interpersonal relationship level. Have the courage and humility to ask for forgiveness and accept the mistake that you did to the people around you, especially family, friends and significant others. Show them your sincerity in asking for forgiveness and for accepting your mistake by making the first move. Acceptance is also the first step to repairing damaged relationships.

Have a strong support group

Remember that your journey to recovery shouldn’t be taken alone. It helps to have a family and good friends that care for you and understand your situation. Families can help in drug or alcohol dependence recovery by being kind and supportive. A good communication line between you and your family members is helpful for gaining the confidence to express yourself once more. True friends are valuable sources of help and support in your time of recovery from addiction. Choose the friends you keep after coming out from the rehab. Look for friends who understand your situation and care enough to keep you away from activities that can harm you or remind you of your vow to stay away from addictive substances.

Set a career goal and reintegrate into society

Your path to a full recovery from drug addiction and reintegrating into society may start sluggish, but you shouldn’t keep it that way. At first, it is understandable that you can’t immediately find another job because of the situation you are in. Take your time and build your character and gain the trust of people around you once again. Motivate yourself with the mantra that says everyone deserves a second chance. So no matter how severe your drug dependence situation was in the past, it should not hinder you from doing the right thing in the present and plan ahead for your future. Finding a new job can be difficult at first, so take things slowly by starting off with a light service works around the community, such as lawn mowing, garden watering and maintenance, and babysitting. Show your trustworthiness in the small jobs first, and you will be entrusted with bigger jobs until you get a full-time employment. Treat that new employment as something precious because you are given a chance to earn a living and become a contributing individual to society again.

The journey towards reclaiming your life after overcoming addiction can be fraught with difficulties. Not everyone in the society you return to will be understanding or considerate of your situation. Just remember that you made it out of your rehabilitation program because of the harmonious relationship and cooperation between you and your rehab support group. As you venture outside the rehab and go on a path to full recovery, keep in mind to have another support group in place: your family and your true friends. With them, you never have to walk alone in life again.

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