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When someone is into active addiction, they use every means to avoid getting help. Addiction is like a disease that creates false scenarios by justifying and rationalizing reality. This has made it hard for both addicts and their loved ones to talk about addiction.

Below are the reasons why people don’t talk about addiction anymore.


It can be difficult to talk about addiction because of the stigma related to addiction treatment. Shame can be overwhelming. Most addicts have painful emotions that hinder them from discussing their level of addiction. They are afraid of how society will perceive them. Shame makes one think that they are not worthy to get help. They feel that they have no reason to change their lives for the better. Lack of info. about the dangers of addiction also contributes to shame. But how can you overcome shame?

How to overcome shame: It is hard to talk about addiction to your friends and family because of fear they will think differently about you. It helps to get an education as a family on addiction. Everyone will have an understanding of what addiction is all about. Addiction is not a result of lack of willpower or failure in morals.


Denial plays a huge role in the thriving of addiction. An addict is oblivious of the root of their issues. They create an illusion that they don’t need help. They know that they need help but choose to remain silent. When addicts experience hardships, they turn to alcohol and drug use to cope with their problems. They don’t see that the substances they use result in their problems. A person who uses drugs will blame their boss for job loss or their spouse for a failed relationship. They don’t realize that their use of drugs or alcohol makes them lose things. Instead, they see their addiction as a source of relief. Despite evidence of the existence of addiction, they deny because they are wrapped into drug use or drinking.

How to overcome denial: Fear of change can be scary for most people. Fear of the future can hold someone from getting help. You need to encourage your loved one to embrace change. It is alright not to feel confident about going for addiction treatment.


Fear of going to rehab makes most people avoid talking about addiction. Recovery is a lifetime commitment that one needs to make. This means that recovery is not something that happens one-time. Detox can be physically and mentally exhausting. Therapy also requires one to deal with painful memories that they have kept hidden for many years. The fear of relapse makes addicts afraid of seeking help.

How to avoid fear: Recovery from addiction is a lengthy process. It may take months or even years of commitment and dedication. You should encourage your loved one that you will give them full support. Remind them that it may take time before they are fully healed. Relapse does not mean failure.

Most addicts know that they need help. The willingness to get help is what’s most important. Choose an addiction recovery center to assist you or your loved one in recovery. At the end of treatment, you will realize that the process is worth it.

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