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Do you have an eye for designer clothes but not the bank account? Do you love the look of Gucci, Chanel, and Prada but not the price tags? Join the club!

Thousands, if not millions, of people are in your same shoes when it comes to wanting designer clothes for less. Did know there are sites that act as designer clothes outlets?

You can buy designer clothes on these sites for less than market value! If you’re interested in wearing designer clothes while also saving the weight of your wallet, check out these five useful sites for picking up designer clothes for less.

1. The Real Real

What’s your biggest fear about buying discounted designer clothes? Being ripped off by a counterfeit, right? You can put that fear to rest when shopping with The Real Real.

The biggest perk of shopping with The Real Real is that their pieces come authenticated. Even if they’re pre-owned. They say they don’t offer anything that’s not the real deal, hence the site’s name.

General memberships are free. But if you want special access to view and shop their new arrivals before the general public, you can pay a monthly “First Look” subscription. They add new sales daily.

If you’re into designer on a budget, check out this online outlet for designer clothes. Browse their new arrivals or by designer label. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the great discounts.

2. The Outnet

If you’re looking to find designer clothes at a steep discount, The Outnet is the place for you! They offer designer clothes (and bags, shoes, and accessories) at up to 70% off original price.

You can get your dream outfit for a fraction of the cost. The sale price is factored in for you and shows beneath the item.

The Outnet sells clothes from top design labels like Stella McCartney and Chloe. It’s hard to believe that labels like that could be offered for less than market value, but it’s true.

You can even just search their site by designer, if you’re looking for one brand specifically. The biggest pro of The Outnet is certainly good choice (top brands) for great prices.

No membership is required to shop on The Outnet. You can browse and order for free.

3. My Theresa

If you’re a fan of designer clothes, you should definitely be aware of the online luxury fashion store called My Theresa. My Theresa curates clothes from tons of the tops labels! The company has experts that hand-pick the items for the site, so you know you’re not getting damaged or outdated pieces.

You can check out their alphabetical list of designers on their site. The list includes respected brand names like AlexaChung, Givenchy, Max Mara, and Victoria Beckham.

My Theresa offers good discounts year-round. Their site even tells you exactly how many pieces are discounted at the moment you’re browsing (right now it’s at 2,000).

They have new sales daily, so it’s not like you have to wait a whole season before you can scroll through new sale items. Why pay retail price for a designer piece when you can get the same label, same quality, and same authenticity for less?

Site membership is free and not required to browse. Doesn’t get much better than that!

4. Gilt

Gilt is a unique discount designer site that is a lot of fun when it comes to sales! They offer designer clothes, shoes, and accessories at low prices, even up to 60% off.

On top of that, they host something called “Freefall Sales.” A Freefall Sale is when Gilt puts a certain collection on sale, then the prices actually decrease over a short period of time. But don’t wait too long to act, the items go fast!

This is a great site for when you have your heart set on a certain item. You’re sure you want it, you just need the price to drop.

Gilt’s sales require decisiveness and fast action. There’s no time to scroll past it, come back to it, add it to your bag, and sleep on it. If that Chloe bag is one you’ve been waiting on and you’re ready to act as soon as it’s on sale, Gilt is the site for you.

On their site you can see which collections will be on sale, what day, and at what time. For example, a Sergio Rossi sale starts today at noon.

Plus, they offer new sales every day. Gilt memberships are free but not required to browse.

5. Rue La La

Rue La La is a membership-only designer site. They offer great designer labels at great prices for their members. A membership is free but it is required to browse.

They put together sale collections daily. Those collections are open for 48 hours. This is the perfect site for if you want to look at new things every day.

Things don’t get stale or outdated, they curate collections to include top pieces from top designers. And it’s constantly updating.

They also offer a shipping special, where you pay around $10 once and ship anything for free for the next 30 days. That means you’re rewarded for shopping as often as possible in that 30 days! If you have some buying to do, plan it out with that special in mind.

So while some might find the required membership (to browse and shop) annoying, it could be worth it to access Rue La La’s prices. And before anyone else!

You Can Buy Designer Clothes for Less

Maybe you’re drawn to Cher’s style in Clueless. Or Elle’s in Legally Blonde. Or anyone’s in Gossip Girl. These people all rock chic, edgy designer looks.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have Cher or Elle’s limitless bank account in order to dress the way they do. Buying and wearing designer clothes is no longer just for the rich and famous!

These five sites offer designer clothes for less. You can wear your favorite classic brands at a fraction of the cost! Check out our other articles about fashion and lifestyle to learn even more.

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