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Many skincare-conscious women are always actively on the lookout for miracle creams to mask or slow down any signs of aging. There are several options out on the market, so it can be a bit challenging to decide which will work best for your skin type. A good amount of research and consultation with your trusted dermatologist will help you finally settle on which products to stick with for six months, before changing into another set.

Thankfully, technology in Salt Lake City and other areas has now presented us with many options to address skin aging issues, such as Botox, for reducing fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing underlying muscles, or dermal fillers for filling in deep folds. It is still important to have a solid anti-aging routine to truly maximize the effect, but with so many tips and pieces of advice going around, it is easy to get trapped in many anti-aging myths.

Here are the most common myths surrounding anti-aging and what the experts say about them:



Petroleum Jelly Helps Get Rid of Wrinkles

While petroleum jelly can be effective in healing minor skin scrapes, cuts, and burns, it is not a cure for wrinkles. If you apply petroleum jelly all over your face, expect to get a few breakouts instead of wrinkle-free skin.

Remember, the only time you should use petroleum jelly is for healing non-major skin injuries. If you really want to address skin aging issues such as wrinkles, look for products that contain retinol. This ingredient promotes skin renewal and the production of collagen and elastin.

Luxury Brands Are the Better Choice

While it is true that some skincare products are worth spending a fortune on, price does not always equate to quality. Many believe that high-end beauty products work better than drugstore ones, but it is not always the case.

Keep in mind that you will have to be consistent with your beauty routine. If you start using a luxury brand, you will have to keep purchasing it every time you empty a bottle to fully maximize its effects. In the long run, it can be bad for your finances. Some drugstore alternatives contain the same ingredients as high-end brands. Focus on the ingredients, not the name on the label.

Wearing SPF Should Only be on Sunny Days

This is perhaps the biggest anti-aging myth of all time. A whopping 90% of the visible signs of aging on the skin are due to UV damage. Even when it is cloudy, around 80% of UV rays can still get to your skin. To fully protect yourself against the harmful rays of the sun, wear sunscreen or a broad-spectrum SPF every day. Make this a part of your beauty routine. Some SPF can actually be used as a makeup primer.

Anti-aging products should contain these essential barrier enhancers to keep the skin healthy. The next time you visit a local beauty store or browse an online shop, make sure to look for the right ingredients before making your purchase. For more anti-aging advice and tips, check out

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