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Remember to Forget is a track that ties together the jam-band sound of Umphrey’s McGee and Gov’t Mule with a more contemplative, Collective Souls meets Wallflowers sort of sounds. The instrumentation that brings fans into Find Your Way stands up to repeat plays, while the passion and range of Chris’s vocals will keep fans firmly focused into the music that is to follow on the band’s latest, Find Your Way.

Walking on a Wire is a track that goes back to the halcyon days of the late-1990s with nods to the Dave Matthews Band and Rich Hardesty in the band’s light-hearted and bouncy approach to rock. By bringing in just a hint of the 1970s Apple Records sound, Chris Eves and The New Normal are able to add a fullness to the resulting song.

Find Your Way brings in a sizzling guitar line to the mix. When coupled with the hopeful vox laid down by Chris, what results is a track that will have listeners’ toes tapping. Just a hint of 1970s rock can be discerned here, further adding to the honest sound that the band promotes through the entirety of the disc.

The Chains You Wear comes at fans with a fair amount of swamp rock (think Every Mother’s Nightmare, Jackyl, or Seven Mary Three); When the Stars Start Falling is the other side of the coin with a much more celestial sort of sound. The gradual increase in the band’s momentum through this track makes for a late-album track that absolutely sparkles. Bigger Than the Two of Us is a fun track that calls back to the late-1970s output of Aerosmith, blended all up with Boulevard of Broken Dreams-era Green Day.

Top Tracks: Walking on a Wire, When the Stars Start Falling, Bigger Than the Two of Us

Rating: 8.2/10

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