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More than 1 million Americans abuse performance-enhancing drugs despite the apparent negative side effects. Natural bodybuilding is a safe and proven approach to get your muscles ripped. The modern muscle and fitness market is booming due to the urgency to build muscle without breaking a sweat.

You can decide to be a different kind of bodybuilder. To achieve this, you need to follow an easy natural bodybuilding guide. Want to build some serious muscle this summer?

Get ripped with our guide to natural bodybuilding, packed with helpful tips and tricks. Below are some basics to achieving a reaped masculine body.

First Things First, Demystify the Myth

Most bodybuilders rarely believe in muscle development without performance-enhancing drugs. A natural bodybuilder undertakes their routine workout schedules on a natural dietary regime. Natural bodybuilding entails the old-fashioned reliance on exercise, sleep, and nutritious natural diets.

Natural building programs allow you to focus on natural methods of muscle training. The program incorporates smart training, whole foods diets, and natural supplements. To help you meet your muscle growth targets, here are some guidelines you may find useful.

Natural BodyBuilding Program and Training Tips

You have probably heard the phrase no pain no gain, right? If you’re keen on building muscle, your work rate at the gym must be optimal. Natural bodybuilding requires passion and determination to burn fat and build muscle.

Your genetic makeup, your targeted results, and preferences determine your program and routine. To offer you a simple start to your program the following ideas may come in handy.

1. What Should Be Your Frequency at the Gym?

It is human nature to expect results without much pain. There are days where you want to have it easy and skip training. Unfortunately, if you want to bulk up the natural way, you may have to be in the gym between 4 and 5 days a week.

Allow your body at most two days in a week to recover from the workouts. But always target a workout plan of at least 4 days a week. Unlike bodybuilders who use performance-enhancing drugs, natural bodybuilding programs need determination and consistency.

2. Your Routine Matters

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Your mission to get ripped muscle is futile without a concrete routine and program. The training plan depends on your body, goals, and timelines.

Having a clear routine eliminates the risk of focusing more on strength areas.

Depending on these factors, you may need to identify the best fit for your body. Certain bodybuilders find satisfaction in working each major muscle during a single session. If this describes you, then full-body routines will work better for you.

Certain other bodybuilders prefer 4 to 5-day workout splits. This allows them to work each specific muscle per session. You may also decide to push-pull your natural bodybuilding program.

The decision on which natural bodybuilding routine works best is personal. Your program allows you to work within your body’s limits.

3. Your Training Routine Must Be Progressive

This natural bodybuilder guide insists on the need to focus on progression. Your natural growth at the gym is not only dependent on a program but also on your approach to training. You may need to ensure that you don’t focus so much on lighter weights that challenge your body.

You also do not want to use heavyweights that may lead to injuries due to excess strain. Our advice would be to balance your training by using both weights and machines. Another common mistake you must avoid is the failure to warm up and stretch before a workout.

4. Your Diet Is Your Fuel

A natural bodybuilding diet is at the heart of your muscle development process. Your food and beverage intake determine the achievement of desired results. Look around you, nature offers in excess everything you need towards achieving those dream muscles.

As a natural bodybuilder, you will need a stable supply of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Your natural bodybuilding diet also requires a routine to ensure that the intake is within the set quantities. Your food supplementation is the fuel on which your body runs, be intentional about your diet.

5. Keep Vegetables Close

Most vegetable foods provide all the essentials you need for best performance and muscle development. Yet most bodybuilders rarely take time to harness this richness. A serving of whole vegetable meals guarantees an adequate intake of carbs, minerals, fats, and vitamins.

6. Identify Your Critical Building Blocks

Proteins are the building blocks in any muscle development process. You need a steady supply of animal and plant proteins to solve your performance concerns. To develop concrete muscle, your protein target should be 2g of clean protein per pound per day.

While eggs and lean meat provides the solution to your protein needs, whole cereal and loads of other plant-based proteins may also ensure that you have an adequate supply of proteins and amino acids.

Whole grains and oatmeal provide a perfect source of carbohydrates and fats. The two essentials are what you need to sustain a 60-minute regime for each session for five days in the gym without straining.

7. Do Not Compromise on Sleep and Water

Water and sleep are critical to your bodybuilding regime. You need high hydration rates and adequate rest as part of successful training. High water intake maximizes the process of muscle building.

Sleep allows for the rejuvenation of your muscles.

A common mistake that bodybuilders make is to substitute water for energy drinks. Unlike energy drinks, water has zero sugar and helps in flushing toxins. The high protein intake among bodybuilders requires an adequate supply of water to ensure the removal of excess of nitrogen.

Natural Bodybuilding Will Get You There

This natural bodybuilding guide sets the pace for you to achieve the most out of your time in the gym. You must ensure a balance of workout and natural dietary uptake. With an equal measure of positivity and passion, you will be there in no time.

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