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There are thousands of theories out there on how to grow your Instagram followers. Some of them are successful, while others prove to be useless in the long run. It is difficult to come up with a bulletproof tactic that will get more people to follow your account. That is why you need to create your own bespoke growth strategy.

Here is a short guide on how to build an Instagram growth game plan that is in full accordance with your brand, your goals and the niche that you want to dominate!

Step 1: Develop a community around your brand

Just three years ago, Instagram advertising agencies reported that its users would upload on average 95 million posts every day. Since then, that figure most probably quadrupled in size, and most of those posts come from marketers that try to sell their products or their clients’ services. It is overwhelming to think about the stiff competition that you have to face just to make your voice heard on the platform.

Instead of copying their tactics, you can go against the tide and try something new. Begin with your brand and the people who activate in your niche. You can create a large audience starting with the users that are most interested in your services. It will not happen overnight, unless you buy Instagram followers in Insta Growing, but steadily you will get there.

Look for the 10 most relevant hashtags in your niche. Next, look for the 10 most popular posts for each hashtag. Now, leave a comment and a like for each and one of them. Commenting on 100 posts may seem like a time-consuming task, but in the long run, it will bring you the success that you desire.

This strategy puts your name out there and lets others find out that you are an active presence in your niche. Slowly but steadily, it will determine other users to check on your profile, comment on your posts and to like your content. In time, they will become loyal followers of your business and part of an ever-enlarging community around your brand.

Step 2: Refine and customize your audience

One of the aspects that make Instagram one of the most attractive, user-friendly apps on the market is its collection of customizable features. There are over 200 million users visiting a business account every day, and when they reach yours they will want to see something special, bespoke and unique. Here is how to obtain it:

  • In the Ads Manager section on your Instagram profile look for the “Audiences” feature
  • Click on “Create Audience” and choose “Custom Audience” from the drop-down list
  • Next, pick the “Instagram Business Profile” option and choose your Instagram profile
  • Make sure that the “Everyone Who Engaged with Your Business in the Past 365 Days” is enabled
  • Name your custom audience and wait for at least one day to get a clear view of your following

Keep track of your audience every day to evaluate its growth in the long run. Its oscillations will result from your posting behavior. So, in time you will get a better understanding of what your followers expect from you.

Step 3: Invest in a Cheap Instagram Ad Sequence

Now that you are aware of your audience and its demands, you have a clear view of the content that you need to create and post to enhance your following.

Whether you are using professional help from InstaGrowing or not you should consider investing in an Instagram Ad Sequence, as well. It does not have to be expensive. You can opt for a minimal investment of $5 per day and promote one of your posts intensively to the people in your audience.

This strategy will enhance your online presence on the app and attract new, potential customers. It will also increase brand awareness and define you as an authority in the niche of your business.

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