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How do you feel about traveling with kids?

Some people are all for it. They believe travel makes kids more adaptable and curious. Plus, they feel that it’s a good opportunity to teach children about diversity in the world. 

Others though aren’t so enthusiastic about the prospect. And it’s understandable. Either they’ve had a bad experience flying with kids or they just have too many worries as to how the trip would go.

Can you relate? The good thing is even if you’ve had a horrible experience traveling with your kids or it’s your first time to do so, a happy journey is possible. Read on to know some of the best tips for traveling with kids.

1. Mind Your Pace

When you’re traveling alone, there’s no limit as to how many sights or activities you can fit into your itinerary. That changes a lot when you’re traveling with children.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to set the pace of your trip according to what your youngest kid can handle. Don’t worry too much if you can’t see or do everything.

Slow down and make sure to work in plenty of snack breaks, nap time, and bathroom stops into your agenda.  

2. Plan as a Family

If you have infants or toddlers who aren’t talking yet, it’s up to you and your partner to decide where to go. But if you have little ones who can speak, ask them and encourage them to share their opinions about your family trip.

Of course, you and your partner have the final say on the matter. But your children will surely appreciate that you’ve taken the time to consider their ideas and interests. In the future when they’re a bit older, they can participate more in family meetings and might even help you with travel budgeting and itinerary planning.

3. Don’t Overpack

Yes, your little ones’ comfort is a priority. But it doesn’t mean you should bring all their stuff. Remember, you can always buy what you need where you’re going. 

As for packing, it doesn’t hurt to learn some hacks to keep your stuff secure, lightweight, and organized. These include choosing clothes that are comfortable and versatile (e.g. a Moncler jacket). That applies not only for your kids but for you and your partner as well.

4. Find Ways to Save on Your Trip

Big crowds plus finding out you’re going way over budget is a sure recipe for stress. So while planning your travel with kids, consider going on off-peak months

Not only will you save money and avoid crowds, but it could also help narrow down your destination options. 

5. Choose Your Accommodation

Should you book a hotel or a vacation rental?

It depends on your budget. If you book a hotel, you can take advantage of their babysitting services and other perks. But it’s going to be expensive for sure.

On the other hand, if you choose a vacation rental, there are fewer perks. But the awesome thing is, you have the flexibility to make it feel like your second home.

Now, whether you go for a hotel or a rental, what’s important is you book ahead. The last thing you want is to hunt around for somewhere to stay, especially after a long flight or road trip.

6. Consider the Amenities

If you’re still undecided where to stay, have a look at your options and check their amenities. Are you staying on the beach? It’s a good idea to choose a place that also has a swimming pool. 

Keep in mind that not all kids love being in the sea. A pool may be more manageable, especially for small children. 

Another option to consider is a cruise or an all-inclusive resort. These solve the problem of planning every moment of your trip as these offer a wide range of activities to suit all ages.

7. Know More About Your Destination

Okay, so you’ve decided on a place already and you even have a list of accommodations you’re considering. 

That’s great. But don’t forget to read up on your destination to avoid any nasty surprises. For example, are you going to a place that’s not so breastfeeding-friendly

Or maybe you and your little ones need to get vaccinated before you leave. Knowing this will help you schedule a doctor’s visit well ahead of your trip. 

8. Invest in a GPS Tracking Device

You don’t want to bring a lot of stuff. But you also don’t want to forget the essentials (e.g. your little one’s favorite stuffed toy or book). 

One essential is a GPS tracking device, especially if your kids are prone to wandering. It’s a good investment for your peace of mind. Get one for each kid, attach them to their bags, and track them via an app.

9. Travel at Night

Whether it’s a road trip or an overseas trip, consider traveling at night. This way, the kids will be sleeping and you also don’t need to worry about a night’s accommodation.

Keep in mind though that evening flights may be more expensive than daytime ones. Try to book your flights in advance so it doesn’t affect your travel budget that much. 

10. Enjoy Traveling with Kids

No matter how much you plan your trip, you have to accept that not everything’s going to be perfect. Keep calm and don’t dwell too much on the things that didn’t go right.

Stay positive during the whole trip and don’t forget that you’re going on this trip to enjoy yourself and make good memories with your family.

Want More Travel Tips and Advice?

Now that you know some of the top tips for traveling with kids, the only thing left is to just do it. Sure, it may not go the way you planned it, but it will turn out even worse if you keep thinking it will be a nightmare.

If you’re ready to book that trip and have a wonderful time on your family vacation, don’t forget to check out our other travel articles. We offer loads of travel tips and advice to help you plan your family travels better. 

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