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Pride Before The Fall comes forth with an intense energy and a charismatic set of vocals that will immediately draw in listeners. We’re particularly fans of the guitar / vocal dynamic, but a case needs to be made about the taut bass line that plays at the back of Iron Age Mystics’ new album.

Save It For The Revolution adds a bit of blues and funk into the mix. With a nod to seventies rocks presented here, the Iron Age Mystics are able to build upon the style of neo-retro acts like Wolfmother and Velvet Revolver. It is during this track that fans will hear the talented production at play. This cut soars based on the ability of the individual members to shine alone and as part of a larger whole.

While You Were Asleep has the vocals take a focal point while the band creates a dense and knotty backdrop. The supersonic vox link together Queensryche and the Stone Temple Pilots while the IAM put their own indelible fingerprints upon the finished product.

You’ve Got The Power is a perfect blend of Primus, hair metal, and modern rock in a wholly unique fashion. The considerable vocal range is showcased best during this late-album track, providing a boost to the album’s momentum that one will ride until the Iron Age Mystics close up shop.

What Ya’ Gonna Do About It is the final track on Pride Before The Fall, and it ends the album while showcasing the different paths that the band can take up on subsequent listens. Few albums are able to stay consistent from beginning to end, but Pride Before the Fall kicks butt from beginning to its end.

Top Tracks: Pride Before The Fall, Save It For The Revolution, What Ya’ Gonna Do About It

Rating: 8.5/10

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