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STD screening is essential for about everyone during his or her lifetime. Under different circumstances, some people need an STD test regularly, while others only need one screening. Taking the test doesn’t translate to mean that the person is at high risk as compared to others. It means you’re taking safety measures toward living a healthy, safe, and fun sex life.

There are several sites and firms, such as that are looking to guide individuals on how to make the best of their relationship, both emotionally and physically. Many people have no idea how common STDs are, which makes it essential for them to take a test. Many argue that they would be aware of the infection. However, many diseases may not have signs and symptoms. If you’re out looking for advice on dating, relationships, and sex, understanding your sexual safety and that of your partner is essential for the following reasons. 

  • Sexually inactive people may also have an STD.

Despite being termed as a sexually transmitted infection, others can spread through skin-to-skin contact. Even when your partner hasn’t been sexually active, it’s best that both of you screen for STIs. Some people, such as medical staff, are at a higher risk of contacting the infections when handling patients with STDs. This said, contracting sexual diseases is possible for infections such as HIV without sexual intercourse. Therefore, testing isn’t only for the sexually active. 

  • Preparing for uncertainties

People in committed relationships, including marriages, will claim loyalty and therefore, no need for STD screening. Under normal circumstance, this assumption should be true. While no one wants to consider the possibility of their spouse cheating, such instances do happen.

Many STDs may not show symptoms in the long term, which means many people may not know they are infected. When getting into a relationship, screening should, therefore, be a priority to avoid future misunderstandings. For example, your spouse may be having difficulties conceiving only to find out it’s because of chlamydia. Prevent false accusations of cheating by screening for STDs at the beginning of any relationship.

  • Self-respect and respect of your partner

Being tested is, by far, an opportunity that helps you and your partner to have an open, safe, and honest relationship. You’ll also be able to make informed decisions and choices on sexuality. Determining whether you or your partner has an STD is possible only through STD screening. With the advancement in technology, you can choose to test at home to promote privacy and confidentiality.

  • Eliminating fear and worry

Knowing the status of you and that of your partner leaves both parties with peace of mind. The fear and constant anxiety about your status, especially when you think you may have signs that relate to an STD, is overwhelming. Sometimes, a sign you may doubt may not be STD-related.

Knowing your status will help you and your partner to relax and enjoy peace of mind. As a man, you can dominate your relationship, impress your partner, and stand tall. The confidence will lead to better sexual experiences and makes you sure you’re healthy and physically fit.

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