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Bold starts listeners off on Donna Zed’s new release, the Surrounding Me EP. The piano that kicks off things creates the perfect backing instrumentation upon which Zed’s 1990-infused vox can shine. Together, these two elements are able to make a rocking chorus that will tattoo itself deeply into fan’s psyche. The strings / vocal dynamic is perhaps the most tantalizing of this first track; fans of Fiona Apple or Tori Amos will find something meaty to sink their teeth into here. Enough Years allows Zed ample opportunity to shine; while the strings are persistent in following her voice, this song will provide listeners with a good amount of education about Donna’s vocal range.

The production of the songs on Surrounding Me is crisp and clear, ensuring any of the EP’s efforts could easily be slotted into radio or playlist rotation. For additional information about Zed and her music, give her domain or social media profiles some action.

Step Away has a more laid-back sound that both keeps with the overall flair of the composition while contributing mightily to the overall understanding that those experiencing this release will have. The drums come to the fore this time, while the song itself is important musically because of its magnificent, challenging time signatures.

Against the Rising Sun is the penultimate composition on the Surrounding Me release. While it rings up a few minutes shorter than the magnificent six minutes of Step Away, the taut bass lines and rapid shifts through musical styles makes this single into something epic.

The titular effort to Surrounding Me concludes the EP, providing an emphatic exclamation point that relies on multiple vocal layers and a piano / drum dynamic that whips up into a beautiful violin solo. A fitting end to a wholly engrossing extended play.

Top Tracks: Enough Years, Against the Rising Sun

Rating: 8.5/10

We previously covered Zed’s Morphine EP in 2017.

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