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Donna Zed is the rare example of a performer that can tell a full, deep, and detailed story over the course of an extended play (EP). Listeners will be given a very passionate and impactful performance during the release’s first single, High on Desire. Little is needed on this introductory effort than a piano and Zed’s inimitable set of vocals. Donna’s performance during the EP’s first statement is impressive. The seer vocal range will hit every high and low, while the ability of Zed to start and stop on a dime makes for an effort that continually impressive. The production of the Morphine EP allows each element to shine alone or as a cog in the machine.

This EP continues with the titular composition, which begins in a very deliberate fashion before smacking listeners with a tremendously detailed and intricate piano line. This rapid-fire sound gives up ground for a main arrangement that draws upon modern jazz just as much as it builds upon the styles of performers like Ani DiFranco, Rufus Wainwright, and Tori Amos.

At the End of the Day and Say It All are efforts that need a fan to strap a pair of headphones on and really focus onto the composition. There dynamics that play the periphery of each song that only reveal themselves with a careful listen. For example, the vocal/strings dynamic sits at the fore of At the End of the Day but the piano line could easily be its own composition. The story told in this backing element further increase the replay value of the single. Say It All is a strong and assertive track; this single has all elements playing at their peak to make for an effort that will permanently imprint itself upon listeners.

Top Tracks:  High on Desire, At the End of the Day

Rating: 8.1/10

Donna Zed – Morphine EP / 2017 Self Released / 4 Tracks /

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