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Back Home is the first track on ei8ht and it immediately calls listeners back to the days of power rock bands like Boston and Journey. With a driving beat, down and dirty guitars, and supersonic guitars present from the onset, fans will be enthralled by the music that is to follow on Innuendo’s latest.

Hard To Remember keeps the momentum of the first part of ei8ht high with guitars that could be pulled from Aerosmith’s late-1970s output, with just a bit of a nod to the hair metal of acts like Great White, Ratt, and Whitesnake. A toe-tapper, there is just a bit of dreamy rock (e.g. White Lion, Cinderella) that is included within.

Dreaming On is a feel-good track evidence from its onset. With funky bass lines, a bit of a piano roll, and vox out of the Mr. Big and Asylum-era Kiss playbooks, Innuendo are able to deftly maneuver between power ballad and early 1980s rock track. What becomes obvious during this effort is the organic jam sound of the act; every part of the band is able to contribute to a track that will bury its melodies deep into listeners’ minds.

Son of a Bitch is by far our favorite track on ei8ht. Here, the act is able to make an epic track that resounds with fans like cuts from Queensryche’s “Empire”. With guitars to die for, the band is in good straits when they move into Coffee & Cigarettes. Coffee & Cigarettes allows the instrumentation to shine; imagine a fresher version of DFRSR-era Warrant replete with some of the fanciest brass you’ve heard.

Those Days Are Gone couples with Goodnight to put ei8ht to bed. With nary a weak track to find, Innuendo have made one of the best albums of 2019.

Top Tracks: Hard To Remember, Son of a Bitch

Rating: 9.2/10

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