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While some people think that no one wears watches anymore, 32% of consumers actually wear a watch every single day.

While smartwatches are becoming more and more popular, nothing can replace the look of a classic watch. 

If you can’t afford an expensive watch, don’t worry! Just because your timepiece isn’t designer doesn’t mean it can’t look great! Here are 7 smart tips for making inexpensive watches complement your style.

1. Don’t Buy an Imitation or a Fake

One of the most important rules when buying inexpensive watches is to make sure you don’t buy one that is fake. 

If you do really want a watch that has a big brand name, you can try and find one that was used. It is better to make sure that is authentic rather than buying a knock off that looks cheap and is lower quality. 

Even if the watch batteries are dead in the used watch, those are always cheap to buy and replace as well.

Another reason to avoid buying the imitation watches is that it’s almost impossible to make them look classy with your outfit. Most of them are normally too big or made out of poor materials, like plastic.

Some of them are also coated in fake gold, which just makes them and your outfit look tacky.

You may be able to trick some people into believing that you have the real deal, but most people who wear watches will be able to tell the difference. And once someone has realized that the watch you are wearing is fake, you’ve lost some of the credibility you had with them. 

2. Don’t Buy Cheap Leather

Another thing you shouldn’t be cheap with is leather. 

If you are going to buy an inexpensive watch, you should probably buy one that doesn’t have a leather strap. Cheap leather doesn’t hold up very well, so you will end up having to buy a different watch strap anyway. 

You should look for watches that have straps made of metal, rubber, or even fabric. These will last longer and look better in the long run than leather. 

However, when buying a metal watch, you should make sure that the metal isn’t just plastic plated in metal. 

3. Know When to Wear Metal

If you do get a metal watch, you should know when it is fashionably acceptable to wear it. 

If the watch itself is metal, you should make sure that it matches one of your other accessories. For example, your shoe or belt buckles could be metal, and you will be able to pull it off successfully. 

Your cuff links could also be matching with your watch.

However, you should make sure that your cuff links are not gold while your watch is silver. You should be wearing either all gold or all silver; don’t mix them. 

The colors don’t have to match exactly. If your watch is rose gold and your cuff links are gold, that would be okay. 

If your watch has a metal strap, there are some other different rules. You can wear this if you have black or brown shoes. Certain metal colors do look better against some colors of clothes and shoes versus others.

You can wear a watch with a silver band with colors such as blues, blacks, and grays.

If your watch is gold, this will look well with earth tones, like browns and beiges. 

4. Know When to Wear Leather

If you do end up getting a watch with a leather band, you should know when it is acceptable to wear this as well.

As with the metal, your leather band should match the color and texture of your shoes as well as your belt.

When you get dressed, make sure that you match your belt and your shoes first. Then try and match your watch to both of them. 

If your leather is black, for example, you can wear this with a black belt and shoes. Again, the colors don’t have to match exactly, but they should have a similar tone. You want to make sure that it all blends together, rather than having it stick out. 

5. Match the Watch with the Occasion

In addition to matching your watch to your outfit, you should match your watch to the occasion.

Are you going to a meeting with a potential customer or going out to date night? Then you should probably wear a dress watch. These formal watches are very minimalistic and normally have a plain white face and a black band. This watch will only show you the time, as opposed to sports watches.

If you are using a watch mostly for sports, then you probably won’t take your dress watch as it could ruin it. Instead, you’ll get a sports watch that can be dressy, but it has more information available on it. 

These sports watches are made a little bit more durable and customized to fit the active lifestyle.

6. The Strap Makes a Difference

Believe it or not, the kind of strap you wear can make a difference in how dressy the watch is or not. 

If you are going out on that date or meeting with the customer we mentioned in the last point, you may want to consider getting a leather watchband. This material is generally more formal than metal. In addition, the black leather band is also more formal than brown leather.

There is an exception to this, however. If the leather is kind of worn and rugged, this would be best suited to casual wear rather than formal wear. 

You can wear metal bands, but they are more for a regular day at the office than a formal event. 

7. Heirloom Watches Break All the Rules

Lastly, if you have an heirloom watch, you don’t have to worry about all the rules above. These types of watches are meant to represent a legacy and can act as a good luck charm.

This watch isn’t meant to fit into the latest fashions and trends, it is meant as a status and a reminder of the family it belongs too. 

So feel free to sport your heirloom watch at any event with any outfit. 

Buy Some Inexpensive Watches Today

Buying inexpensive watches will save you money and also allow you to have multiple in your collection.

With multiple in your collection, you will be able to have a watch that fits every occasion.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping for watches today!

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